Try the new KFC Spicy Famous Bowl with a price that can’t be beat


New KFC Spicy Famous Bowl is here to kick off the year with a tasty offer. Plus, the price for all this food can’t be beat.

New KFC Spicy Famous Bowl is looking to bring a big boost of flavor to its hearty bowl offering. The new flavor offering joins the fan favorite KFC Famous Bowl. Now through January 27, these two food offerings are just $3. Who can beat that price for that ginormous bowl of KFC finger licking good food?

For those who are unfamiliar, a KFC Famous Bowl starts with creamy mashed potatoes and homestyle gravy. Then sweet corn and bite-sized pieces of crispy KFC popcorn chicken are added. Lastly, a blend of shredded cheese tops off the bowl. The whole bowl is about one pound of food.

In the new KFC Spicy Famous Bowl, the basics of the bowl remains the same. The KFC’s popular Nashville Hot Sauce is added to kick up the spice levels. For some, the cheese will help to tame the heat levels.

Give the $3 special offer, this Famous Bowl is a huge savings deal. It would take quite a hearty appetite to eat this whole bowl of food. For some, those restrictive food resolutions might be taking a back seat.

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To celebrate this new Famous Bowl as well as the special pricing offer, KFC is celebrating in a fun way. The fast causal brand is bringing back a 90s staple, the bowl cut. Now, you might have burned a few of those pictures with that stylish haircut. But, if you’re willing to bring back the bowl cut, you could be infamous.

For people in New York City, you can get a free bowl cut on Thursday, January 10. People can book an appointment at to join the bowl cut craze.

Don’t worry if you’re not in NYC. If you have your own modern version of the bowl cut, share it on Twitter using #KFCFamousBowlCuts for a chance at bowl infamy. You might be featured on the brand’s social media account.

Will you be running out to try the new KFC Spicy Famous Bowl? The flavor and the price make this deal a hot one.