Top Chef Season 16 episode 6 preview: Roaring munchies


Top Chef Season 16 episode 6 has the chefs craving a cocktail. Will these prohibition cocktail influenced munchies leave the Top Chef judges hungry or wanting more?

Top Chef Season 16 episode 6 starts with another early twist for this Bravo food competition. After last week’s exhausting Restaurant Wars, the remaining chefs are greeted with the prospect of the Last Chance Kitchen winner returning to the competition.

According to Bravo, Top Chef Season 16 episode 6 synopsis states:

"The chefs walk in on an epic battle of Last Chance Kitchen and are drafted into the fight. Once Tom declares a winner, the chefs immediately begin a challenge making dishes based on Prohibition Era cocktails. Chef Ken Oringer joins Padma, Tom and Graham at a Roaring 20’s party with Flappers and Dapper Dans."

Now, if you haven’t been watching Last Chance Kitchen, there’s a spoiler ahead. The two chefs remaining in that battle are Nini (eliminated in Restaurant Wars) and Brother, from Top Chef Season 15. As Last Chance Kitchen’s last episode shows, the chefs must create their own three course menu for Tom and the other eliminated chefs.

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Since a three course meal on their own is difficult, both Nini and Brother draw knives to see which Top Chef Season 16 chefs will be helping them in this final battle.

Looking at the Last Chance Kitchen episode, I give the nod to Nini. She was very methodical in her work breakdown for this challenge. Additionally, she serves a dessert. A tasty dessert is always a bonus on Top Chef.

The Last Chance Kitchen winner will be revealed and join the other chefs in this episode. It is unclear if Last Chance Kitchen will continue for the rest of Top Chef Season 16. This Top Chef season has been filled with unpredictable scenes.

Looking at the rest of Top Chef Season 16 episode 6, Bravo shared this video preview.

This short clip video doesn’t necessarily tell a lot about the challenge. While the chefs will have to feature Prohibition Era cocktails, it doesn’t share much else.

Pairing dishes with cocktails isn’t too difficult. The flavors need to complement each other. While intriguing pairings could be innovative, the chefs need to be aware how the cocktail affects the dish’s flavors.

The cocktails should be some classic cocktails, most likely featuring bourbon. There is mention of a Manhattan, a classic bourbon cocktail. Maybe this episode is another opportunity for Maker’s Mark to be featured.

Are you ready to watch Top Chef Season 16 episode 6? Here’s how to tune in.

Date: Thursday, January 10, 2018

Start Time: p.m. ET

Episode: “Roaring Munchies”

TV Channel: Bravo

Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on Bravo’s website or app.

Top Chef Season 16 airs on Bravo on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET.