The best city for coffee lovers isn’t located where you think


Do you live in the best city for coffee lovers? With coffee being part of many people’s daily ritual, a city supportive of that coffee culture is key.

The best city for coffee lovers might start a huge debate. Although every city seems to have a favorite local coffee spot or coffee culture, some locales are coffee fanatics. But what makes one city the best for coffee lovers?

At first thought, a few large metropolitan areas (like New York or Chicago) could lead this list. These cities have a plethora of coffee shops. From mom and pop to big chains, there seems to be coffee options on every corner. But, these cities aren’t necessarily the best for true coffee lovers.

Recently, The Apartment Guide completed a study to determine the best cities for coffee lovers. The survey looked at the number of coffee shops per reside. 10 cities, some unexpected, comprised this list. The top choice wasn’t where many people expected.

Often, the Northwest would be assumed to lead the coffee lovers list. While there are several Northwest cities on this coffee lovers list, it wasn’t the top choice. Everett, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, and Vancouver, Washington are all on the 10 list. Still, these locales aren’t number one.

The best city for coffee lovers is Berkeley, California. According to this survey, there are 42 coffee shops for every 2,073 people. It has more coffee shops per capita than all the other locations.

While the exact reason for Berkeley’s love of coffee isn’t exactly clear, it is quite evident. Looking at the area, Peet’s Coffee originated in the area. That beloved coffee started near the University of California. Everyone knows that studying is always more productive with good coffee.

With food driving people’s lifestyle choices, these types of studies are becoming more important. People want their favorite foods and restaurants located around the corner. Whether it is a great cup of coffee or an amazing restaurant, consumers aren’t willing to settle.

As companies look to satisfy consumers wants, more cities might become associated with certain food or food culture. Of course certain locales are always associated with food, but it can be more than this distinction.

Maybe you might choose your next vacation, travel plans or home based on food interests. Why wouldn’t companies want to capture those consumer dollars?

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What do you think of this best city for coffee lovers list? Do you know a great city that loves coffee or has an amazing coffee shop? Share your find with us by commenting below or tagging #FoodSided on social media.