Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze collection is worth every indulgent bite


Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze collection is tempting those New Year’s resolutions with chocolate goodness. Are you ready to be tempted?

Craving something sweet? The new Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze collection will have your mouth watering for chocolatey goodness. This newest box of chocolate doughnuts will be having people say, “Don’t Quit, Cheat Sweet!” Sometimes a cheat day is the best way to keep a resolution on track.

Krispy Kreme believes that a cheat day is ok. They shared this cheat concept by exercise physiologist Jim White, “Allowing some indulgences provides a break from normal dieting without sabotaging your results.” While this idea is important, people can’t totally sabotage all that hard work. For example, one chocolate doughnut is good, but two dozen might be a little overboard.

Additionally, many people tend to crave chocolate when they are trying to stick to a resolution. There is something satisfying about chocolate. From rich, dark chocolate to smooth, milk chocolate, those little “indulgent” sweet treats can make all that hard resolution work worth it.

To help on those chocolate cravers and indulgent seekers, Krispy Kreme just announced this new doughnut offering. From January 14 through January 27, the popular doughnut chain is offering the Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze collection.

The collection features four popular classic filled doughnuts with a chocolate twist. The doughnuts featured are: Chocolate Glazed Cake Batter Doughnut, Chocolate Glazed Raspberry Filled Doughnut, Double Chocolate Glazed Kreme Filled Doughnut and Chocolate Glazed OREO® Cookies & KREME™ Doughnut.

Just the names alone could have you willing to run a few extra miles on the treadmill to make up for the indulgence. Since everyone deserves a cheat day, these doughnuts could be a nice way to take a break from all those salads, vegetables and fruits that have been filling every meal.

All of these doughnuts tend to be on the sweet side. From a cake batter filling to a cookies and cream filling, you might want a plain cup of black coffee to balance the sweetness. Still, if you are craving something chocolatey and sugary, these doughnuts are perfect.

Truthfully, the most intriguing choice on this list is the Chocolate Glazed Raspberry Filled Doughnut. The combination of slightly tart raspberry jelly with the sweetness of the chocolate should be quite satisfying. Plus, since it shouldn’t be too sweet, it doesn’t feel like you’ve totally tanked that good eating resolution. (No, raspberry jelly doesn’t count as a fruit serving).

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What do you think of the Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze collection? Will you be having one of these doughnuts for your cheat day?