Better meal prep for healthy eating starts with the right knife


Better meal prep doesn’t necessarily start in the grocery store. Your knife and knife skills will put that resolution on the right track.

Better meal prep doesn’t have to be a boring part of your weekend. Healthy eating doesn’t have to come with a side dish of dread. These two items can put anyone on track to eating better, feeling better and especially becoming a better cook. While ingredients are always key, a great knife and better knife skills are part of the scenario.

According to the Food Network, more and more people are resolved to cook at home. Whether the reason is less packaged foods or fewer processed foods, the decision to eat and cook better is clear. But, where does a person start on the right path to better?

The Food Network has 10 tips for better meal planning. These ideas might be simple, but they work well. From assigning each day a theme to stocking the freezer with pre-prepped meals, the concepts are easy to follow. Still, one key is needed to make this meal prep even easier. It starts with the right knife.

One of the best Food Network tips is to prep some ingredients right when you come home from the store. For example, chop up vegetables, portion chicken and even prep the salad. These items can streamline any meal’s cooking process.

Sansaki knife, photo provided by Sansaki

Still, a good knife can make quick work of all that kitchen prep. While knives come in all prices and styles, it can be hard to distinguish which one is right for you. For the home cook who wants to get improve knife skills, a Santoku Knife is a workhorse in the kitchen.

A Santoku knife is a Japanese style knife. This knife is best for slicing, dicing and mincing. The Japanese word, Santoku, actually refers to those terms. For meal prep, this style of knife can make quick work of all the meal prep.

The key to a good Santoku knife is that food easily slides from the blade. It makes meal prep effortless, which is key for the home cook.

The Saskai Masuta 7-inch Santoku Knife is a wonderful choice. This particular knife is weighted and balanced for optimal use. More importantly, the design is optimized to encourage the proper pinch grip on a knife. That method will help efficiency and ease.

Available on Amazon, the Sasaki Masuta 7-inch Santoku Knife retails for $99.99. Remember, a good knife is an investment. When taken care of properly, it will last for a long time.

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Are you ready to focus on better meal prep? Slice and dice your way to success with the right knife.