Food Network’s new show, Buddy vs. Duff: Who is the king of cake?


Buddy vs. Duff is Food Network’s newest baking competition show. By the end of this season, which baker will be crowned king of cake?

Buddy vs. Duff is the baking battle that Food Network fans want to see. These two successful bakers have created some of the most creative, memorable and tasty cakes. In this new Food Network baking competition, the six episode series will finally determine which baker is king of cake.

Duff Goldman has been a Food Network legend. From his outrageous creations at Charmed City Cakes to his appearances on the various Baking Championship shows, Duff has endeared himself to baking fans. The classically trained chefs knows his way around flavor. With his cakes, there is always a sense of whimsy yet he never forgets the emotional connection.

Buddy Valastro is known as the Cake Boss. His New Jersey based bakery, Carlo’s Bakery, was the basis of his popular television show. With family always at the forefront, he showed that traditional recipes can be woven into outrageous designs. Those creative confections proved that taste and creativity can go hand in hand.

Hosts Duff Goldman and Buddy Valastro during the presentation of the dishes to the Judges Sherry Yard and Keegan Gerhard, and Guest Judges Gesine Prado and Florian Bellanger at the Food Network Studios during the Surprise Proposal challenge, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 1. photo provided by Food Network

In this new Food Network baking competition, the two famous bakers put their baking skills and reputation on the line. This competition isn’t just the visual. Technique, taste and design must come together to make the perfect cake.

According to Food Network, each episode will feature two rounds. First, “a Bake-Off to test their baking abilities, followed by a Cake-Off to showcase their creative imaginations and decorating expertise.” While each episode will have a specific theme, it will be curious to see if the first round features any unusual flavor combinations, specific pastries or something non-traditional.

This type of Food Network competition should excite baking fans. With other baking competitions, fans tend to cheer for one contestant to ultimate win the final prize. In this show, Duff and Buddy have their strong fan base. Fans could be cheering for their favorite personality or they could be cheering for the best cake. Sometimes that combination could be different.

The new Food Network show, Buddy vs. Duff will premiere on Sunday, March 10th at 9 p.m. ET/PT. It will run through Sunday, April 14.

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Are you excited about this new Food Network show? More importantly, do you wish that your television had taste-o-vision during each episode?