Avocado shortage? Avocados from Mexico ensures avocados will score a Big Game win


Heard rumors of an avocado shortage? Avocados from Mexico is talking directly to fans ahead of the Big Game and addresses this food concern.

Simply stated, avocados are always worth it. When reports surfaced of an avocado shortage, food fans quickly got concerned. How could anyone throw a Big Game party without avocados? Luckily Avocados from Mexico quickly stepped in to dissuade these food concerns.

Some reports lead people to believe that fuel shortages in Mexico could leave all those delicious avocados south of the border. According to Avocados from Mexico, “fuel shortages are a non-issue” and avocados will be readily available for all those Big Game recipes.

The brand reports that January imports of Mexican avocados “are projected to reach 217 pounds, up 16% from last year.” In total, Mexican avocado imports are projected to reach two billion pounds. These numbers show that avocados are more than just an ingredient in guacamole.

Avocados from Mexico for the Big Game, photo provided by Avocados from Mexico

Avocados can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. From the uber popular avocado toast to avocado eggs to just a simple topping for a burger, avocados have a myriad of uses. The fruit is quickly becoming a staple in the kitchen.

While savory recipes often are most popular, avocados can be used in desserts, too. If you haven’t tried chocolate avocado brownies, this recipe will definitely change your life. There is never a reason to have an avocado go unused in the kitchen.

This type of thinking supports Avocados from Mexico’s branding, “Always Worth It.” The idea promotes concept that avocados are beneficial in so many ways. From versatility to healthy eating, there are so many ways to add avocados into anyone’s daily lifestyle.

With the Big Game approaching, Avocados from Mexico will be unveiling another 30 second advertisement. While exact details haven’t been revealed, the humorous side of these ads will surely make it a hit with fans.

Additionally, Avocados from Mexico is looking to make Big Game entertaining easy. The brand is partnering with other brands, like Rita’s, Tostitos Tortilla chips, Smithfield bacon and Tabasco. The party packs make entertaining easy. Who doesn’t love a good chip and beverage with some tasty avocados?

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Food fans can be rest assured. Big Game plans are safe and concerns about an avocado shortage should be put aside.

The only question left on the table is how many avocado inspired dishes will be on your Big Game menu?