Avocados, Kristin Chenoweth and dogs hit a high note in this Super Bowl commercial


Avocados from Mexico will score a huge win with this year’s Super Bowl commercial. Can Kristin Chenoweth get this chorus to hit the right note?

Will your Super Bowl snack table hit the high note? Avocados from Mexico has shared a sneak peek of this year’s Super Bowl LIII ad and it looks like everyone’s favorite fruit is going to the dogs. Can Kristin Chenowith get everyone, including the schnauzer, to hit the perfect high note?

As excitement builds to Super Bowl LIII, the commercials are looking to steal the thunder from the plays on the gridiron. Since snacks are just as, if not more important, than the final game, everyone is curious to see which commercial will be the funniest, most memorable or just entertaining.

Avocados from Mexico has released a clip of this year’s commercial for Super Bowl LIII.

This year’s commercial takes a little different approach from previous marketing ideas. While Chenoweth may not be channeling her inner Good Witch, Glinda, she seems to be the vocal coach for an adorable chorus.

Given this clip, how can avocados not win? This commercial brings together three favorite things, avocados, Kristin Chenoweth, and dogs. People can’t help but smile when this commercial plays during the second quarter of the game broadcast.

Additionally, Avocados from Mexico has created a special platform ahead of the Big Game. At the avocados website, fans can explore MatchDogCom. People who are interested in adopting a dog can find their perfect match. This experience employs IBM Watson technology.

Also, The Onion Network will unveil a technology that allows human to communicate with their canine companions. Can these doggy commentators explain why they are Always Worth it?

These platforms are a fun way for the brand to extend their marketing slogan, Always Worth It. People are obsessed with avocados. More than just guacamole, this delicious fruit has become an integral part of everyone’s lives.

According to the brand, a quarter of Americans say that they can’t live without an avocado. Whether this food is a condiment, recipe ingredient or just eaten on its own, people can’t live without them. It is no wonder the thought of an avocado shortage put people into a panic. Luckily, Avocados from Mexico ensured fans that that Big Game guacamole won’t have to be sacrificed.

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Do you think this year’s Avocados from Mexico commercial with Kristin Chenowith and the dogs will hit a high note? Which Super Bowl LIII commercial are you most excited to see in its entirety?