Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Coors Light combine for Blazin’ Game Day Garnish


The epic Blazin’ Game Day Garnish combines the irresistible Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with the heat quencher Coors Light for the must have game day pairing.

Do you love Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? How about an ice cold Coors Light? If you combine those two Big Game staples, you get the epic combination of Blazin’ Game Day Garnish. Can you handle this newest game day recipe?

Some snacks and beverage combinations are classic. Tortilla chips and salsa or potato chips and French Onion dip are just a couple of options. Beyond those classic combinations, a few snacks are just totally cravable. One of those snacks is Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

That favorite spicy snack have become part of iconic part of pop culture. From creating a celebrity chef driven pop up restaurant to spurring a new Doritos flavor, no one can seem to resist Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Just in time for the Big Game, Coors Light has created a genius new idea. The Blazin’ Game Day Garnish is the perfect pairing for Coors Light and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. While the heat is the first burst of flavor, the ice cold beer cools the flames.

Blazin’ Game Day Garnish, Coors Light & Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, photo provided by Coors Light

Here’s how to make Blazin’ Game Day Garnish.

"STEP-BY-STEP Blazin Game Day Garnish instructions1. Chill Coors Light until mountains are blue.2. Select a chili paste hot sauce and pour into a bowl.3. Grind hot puffed cheese sticks into powder with a food processor.4. Pour powder mixture in shallow bowl or plate and create a “well” for the can.5. Dip top of Coors Light can in hot sauce.6. Tightly pack powdered hot puffed cheese sticks onto rim with spoon.7. Dip Coors Light into welled powder to create thick rim."

This snack and beverage pairing is pretty impressive. Why get your hands covered in Cheetos dust when you can cover the can rim? Just think how you can impress your guests at your Big Game party?

Creating a flavored rim isn’t necessarily a “new” concept. A margarita is one of the most well know cocktails that is often served with a coated rim. Many cocktails take that concept to the next level. From flavored salts to candy, the options are becoming too many to list.

While this version uses the refreshing Coors Light the beverage for Blazin’ Game Day Garnish, you could try it with other beverages, too. Could your margarita, daiquiri or other cocktail use a flavor upgrade?

As FoodSided plans its Big Game menu, this fun garnish will definitely be making an appearance. After all, our taste buds can handle the heat.

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