You can’t say this word in a Super Bowl commercial, but you can DEVOUR it


One of the most popular food hashtags can’t be used in a Super Bowl commercial, but you can DEVOUR these tasty frozen meals.

A Super Bowl commercial can be a great way to start a conversation. For example, did you know that you can’t use the uber popular hashtag, #foodp**n, in a Super Bowl ad? That food hashtag has probably filled your Instagram feed with pictures of food that cause you to drool with envy. Apparently, the “p**n” doesn’t get past the commercial censors. Fortunately, all those delicious food images do and DEVOUR wants to make you food envious.

DEVOUR is a frozen meal line by Heinz Springboard. These frozen meals have been making people re-think the food in the freezer aisle. It has branded itself as a disruptor and this Super Bowl ad follows in that mindset.

Although the DEVOUR commercial will air during the third quarter of the big game, the brand has provided the fully uncensored version.

Who doesn’t feel for the girlfriend? That obsession with frozen food porn can be overwhelming. Whether it is that melty, gooey cheese or the picture perfect forkful, those food images can create an obsession. The problem is real.

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If tempting food descriptions fill your food fantasies, DEVOUR is launching 1-83-FOODP**N, a hotline with the ultimate food descriptions that are meant to satisfy the most ardent foodie. If melty cheese, supple noodles and succulent sausage fills your desires, this hotline is for you. During the Big Game, take a break from all the plays and get some foodie phone satisfaction.

While this Super Bowl commercial is meant to provide a laugh, it does raise an interesting question. How often do you take a picture of your food? A quick glance at Instagram will show a plethora of foodie pictures that are meant to make you hungry or just jealous.

Sometimes that picture perfect food can become an obsession. I admit that I have made my family wait to eat until I have captured that impeccable food photo. From the lightning to the angle, everything must be perfect. But, is that taking away from the food enjoyment or that food moment?

This commercial ends with a simple statement, don’t just eat, DEVOUR. While intended to be a marketing tagline, there is a bigger concept there. Don’t all those pictures and videos take something away from the food enjoyment experience? Shouldn’t we all just grab a fork and eat?

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Sure, we eat with our eyes and all our senses, but food is best enjoyed when it is eaten. If we spend all that time taking a picture, aren’t we missing the best part?

Maybe it is time to put the phone down and pick up the fork.