Free bacon? McDonald’s is ready to put bacon on everything


Free bacon get your attention? McDonald’s gives guests the opportunity to decide what tastes better with bacon during Bacon Hour.

What goes better with bacon? How about free bacon? McDonald’s is giving guests the chance to see what tastes better with some extra bacon. More importantly, that crispy, slightly sweet, salty and savory bacon won’t cost you a dime.

On January 29, McDonald’s is celebrating Bacon Hour. From 4-5 p.m., local time at participating restaurants, “customers will be able to get FREE bacon on the side with anything on the menu.” This special promotion celebrates the new bacon menu items, Big Mac Bacon Burger, Quarter Pounder Bacon Burger and Cheesy Bacon Fries, that were announced earlier this month.

Check out this video from McDonald’s that announces Bacon Hour.

This video and Bacon Hour promotion begs the question, what will you put your bacon on? Of course, a burger is an obvious choice. Other menu items could be much more flavor adventurous.

In the video, the McFlurry and even a sundae are suggested. These ideas sound yummy. If you haven’t had bacon and chocolate or bacon and ice cream combination, your taste buds are missing out. The sweet and savory option is delicious. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend dipping that bacon in the frozen treats, a bacon crumble would be a great choice.

Since this Bacon Hour promotion celebrates the new Bacon Menu, a great choice could be to get a chocolate milkshake and cheesy bacon fries with a side of bacon. Who doesn’t love dipping fries into a milkshake? With the extra bacon, the experience is quite mind blowing. Don’t judge until you have tried it.

It will be curious to see how many slices of bacon are served during this Bacon Hour promotion. Many people are infatuated with bacon. This special promotion should bring out bacon fans in large numbers.

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Will you be heading to McDonald’s to get your free bacon during Bacon Hour on January 29? More importantly, what will you be eating with that bacon?