HEINZ Ketchup Caviar will become the ketchup fan’s new obsession


You aren’t dreaming. HEINZ Ketchup Caviar is real and for a few lucky ketchup fans, this special, limited offering could be your ketchup reality.

HEINZ Ketchup Caviar isn’t some food fantasy. This grand food innovation will make some lucky food fans infinitely happy. While Chicago hot dog fans won’t want anything to do with this ketchup masterpiece, the food world is ready to embrace this creative condiment.

HEINZ Ketchup wants to give its devoted ketchup fans the ultimate love letter for Valentine’s Day. This special, limited edition (only 150 jars available) turns the favorite tomato based condiment into an elevated, sophisticated flavor experience.

According to HEINZ, this special offering is intended to make ketchup fan’s Valentine’s Day celebrations more refined, elegant and a ValenHEINZ to remember. If you want the chance to try this special condiment, you can enter for a chance to win of the 150 jars via twitter.com/HeinzKetchup_US.

A limited edition of the new HEINZ ketchup caviar, which has only 150 copies. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday December 6, 2018. Photo credit John Godwin/PA Wire

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to try this ketchup innovation, I did ask HEINZ a few questions about it. HEINZ partnered with caviar specialists Jens Møller Products ApS to make this “caviar.” The brand describes the caviar as the “taste and texture has been inspired by the thick and rich taste of HEINZ Tomato Ketchup.”

Based on these comments, the ketchup caviar sounds like a ketchup flavor explosion. Think a little ketchup ball that could be used in a dish and/or recipe where traditional ketchup wouldn’t be as successful. Sure, this ketchup could work on a hamburger, but there are so many more possibilities.

Think about this ketchup caviar on a delicate appetizer. Or, how about creating that perfect deconstructive dish worthy of the beautiful food hashtag on Instagram. Sure, you might not be the next Grant Achatz but you could have a little more fun with your Valentine’s Day dinner.

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I will be trying to get one of these coveted HEINZ Ketchup Caviar jars. Will you?