Tastes Like Happy Super Bowl commercials toast life’s simple joys


Life’s joys are often celebrated with a bottle of wine. [yellow tail] Taste Like Happy Super Bowl commercials show that every day should be celebrated.

Super Bowl commercials can often upstage the plays on the field. These short clips can capture universal truths that everyone understands. Sometimes those every day moments are just as important as those momentous occasions. For [yellow tail] Wine, this year’s ad will celebrate both its fans and life’s occasions to celebrate with a bottle of wine.

At the end of last year, [yellow tail] Wine held a contest for its fans. It asked fans to share those moments that bring happiness to their lives. With more than 1.500 submissions, the wine brand found two fans who captured that ideal of celebrating those moments with a delicious bottle of wine. These two commercials show that life Tastes Like Happy.

Here is a clip of one of the Super Bowl commercials.

These commercials aren’t about the funny gimmick or the big celebrity. They celebrate the relatable moments that bring people together. That moment of joy dancing on the sand or the freedom of swinging on the beach, these memories are moments of happiness that can bring joy time and again. They deserve to be toasted with a great bottle of wine.

While these Super Bowl commercials are quite entertaining, they capture a bigger ideal. Life, all aspects of life, need to be celebrated. Sometimes people forget to raise a glass to the happy in the world. It isn’t about waiting for that perfect moment to celebrate. Find that joy and toast to it.

According to Tom Steffanci, President of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, the U.S. importer and marketer for [ yellow tail], the “new Tastes Like Happy campaign celebrates everyday moments of joy around a bottle of [ yellow tail ]. At a time when we could all use a little more happiness, [ yellow tail ] reminds us that it’s actually all around us.”

This particular wine brand brings people together. It is meant to opened and enjoyed in any situation. Whether it is on a Friday night with friends or a lazy afternoon binge watching your favorite show, any reason is a good one to pour yourself a glass of [yellow tail] wine.

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Are you ready to toast to the happy? Don’t miss the Tastes Like Happy Super Bowl commercials from [yellow tail] wine. What happy moment will you toast to?