Top Chef alum Sheldon Simeon recommends his Kalua pork recipe for Super Bowl parties


Sheldon Simeon wowed Top Chef fans with his delicious food. In conjunction with Taste of the NFL, he shares this Kalua pork recipe, perfect for a Super Bowl party.

Sheldon Simeon was a fan favorite on Top Chef Season 14. Chef Sheldon is more than just a contestant on that popular cooking show. His restaurants, Tin Roof and Lineage in Maui, Hawaii, consistently impress foodies. Recipes, like his Oven Style Kalua Pork, show that simplicity lets the ingredients shine.

With Super Bowl LIII quickly approaching, the Taste of the NFL has partnered with celebrity chefs to share creative recipes that are perfect for the big game. This year, FoodSided has joined forces with Taste of the NFL to share these recipes as well as advice from these talented chefs.

Looking ahead to big game party plans, food is always at the center of any Super Bowl event. Whether it is the huge Taste of the NFL event in Atlanta or the bash in your living room, food brings people together.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Chef Sheldon Simeon. As I prepare my own big game menu, I asked for his thoughts on favorite recipes and big game party planning. Below is a transcript of that interview.

Cristine Struble: Do you have a favorite recipe that is always on your game day menu?

Sheldon Simeon: I love making roast pork. Whether it’s crispy skinned pork belly, slow roasted pork shoulder, or oven-style Kalua Pork. I love the idea of putting something in the oven and not worrying about it while you tend to more important things, like rooting for your team or getting your drink on. The added benefit is the smell of delicious goodness that fills the room.

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CS: Are there any foods that you should avoid on a game day menu?

SS: I say to each his own, eat whatever you want! But if you’re cooking properly, planning is the key to success. Prep days ahead and don’t be caught slaving in the kitchen while everyone else is partying and enjoying the game.

CS: Should your game day menu follow a specific theme (style of food, ingredients, cuisine, etc.)?

SS: Having a theme is always a good idea. It’s fun and your guests will appreciate it, plus it keeps you from trying to do too much on a day that you should be enjoying with company.

CS: Is a game day recipe better to be a full meal or more like an appetizer?

SS: Eating on game day is all about grazing. A little bit for the pregame show, snacks during the game, fuel up during halftime, and finish it off with some drunken recovery. So chose some recipes that can be eaten with your fingers and others that will last for the whole party.

CS: Do you ever let your guests help with a game day recipe?

SS: Potlucks are the best, it lessens the daunting task of cooking enough to feed the whole tribe, and if you have a theme you can give out suggestions and your guest can volunteer on what dish they can contribute to the celebration.

Lineage Restaurant, Sheldon Simeon, photo by Brendon Smith, photo provided by Taste of the NFL

Chef Sheldon provided some great ideas to consider for your next big game party. While I don’t necessarily have a theme for my big game party, I do like with the idea of serving a roasted pork.

A recipe that is full of flavor but doesn’t require tremendous effort is perfect for this type of party. Since this recipe uses the oven, almost anyone can make this recipe at home. If you have concern about finding a banana leaf, don’t fret. More and more grocery stores are offering these type of ingredients.

Similar to slow smoked pork butt, this recipe allows the low temperature to slowly and gently cook the pork. The result is a tender, fall apart pork that should shred easily after the six hours of cooking.

While there are many ways to serve this pork, simple is best. Let the flavor of the pork itself come through in each bite. Try not to smother it with other condiments.

Here’s how to make Chef Sheldon Simeon’s Oven Style Kalua Pork.

"OVEN STYLE KALUA PORKChef Sheldon Simeon(Tin Roof, Lineage – Maui, HI; Top Chef” Season 14)Ingredients:5 lbs. Pork Butt Roast2 foot piece of Banana Leaf3 tablespoon course Hawaiian Sea saltDirections:1. Pre heat oven to 300 degrees.2. Season pork with 2 tablespoon of salt.3. Wrap pork butt with banana leaf then generously wrap in tin foil.4. Place in roasting pan and cook for 6 hours.5. Remove from oven let cool slightly. Remove foil and place into roasting pan.6. Using two forks shred roast, season with remaining salt. Serve."

I would like to thank Chef Sheldon Simeon for his time and sharing this delicious recipe. Also, I would like to thank Taste of the NFL assisting with this post.

As everyone gets ready to dig into their Super Bowl feasts, consider learning more about the Taste of the NFL Kick Hunger Challenge. Over the past year, the program “has raised in excess of $26 million to food banks and nonprofit organizations in the 32 NFL cities.” To learn more about this program or to make a donation, please visit

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Is your Super Bowl menu set? What will you be serving for Sunday’s big game?