Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical finds the humor in the rainbow


Ready to Broadway the rainbow? Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical takes a humorous spin on the Super Bowl commercials that entice people to watch.

What makes a great Skittles Commercial? The candy that encourages people to taste the rainbow has found ways to entertain its legions of fans. This year, the brand’s decision to take its annual promotion to the Great White way was a curious one. Would Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical be a piece of marketing genius or might it be a bad idea?

Earlier today, Skittle released the songs to its first (and maybe only) musical production. Featuring Michael C. Hall, this Skittles Musical tackles the big questions in both the candy world and advertising world. Can a commercial, especially a Broadway production commercial, ruin everything?

Of course, everyone knows that this Super Bowl alternative live event is meant to be humorous, there are some rather valid points in these songs. Many people will argue that advertising ruins everything. Who hasn’t been enticed to buy that “perfect” gift, food trend or other must have item because an ad has enticed you? It is part of human nature to desire something that looks so enticing.

In part, this musical commercial pokes a little fun at itself. Advertisers are constantly looking for the new, better and bigger way to capture an audience. In turn, they hope that “capture” produces sales. While a commercial doesn’t necessarily ruin the enjoyment of a favorite item, it can make people re-think their love a certain brand.

Whoever created these lyrics and music deserves an award. As a huge fan of Broadway musicals, this “commercial” actually plays off all those musical clichés. It is funny and you can’t help but laugh. The songs get to some universal truths. Still, the humor comes across in the biggest way.

In truth, that laughter is somewhat the point behind eating candy. Candy is meant to be bright, colorful fun. That bite of sugary goodness should bring at least a moment of happiness, regardless of the marketing behind it.

Even with a song that is four minutes of Michael C. Hall eating and commenting on his enjoyment of Skittles, people can laugh. In a world where everyone seems to be oversharing on social media, this final “song” of eating relates to the absurdity of it all. Does it matter if Hall loves lemon if I prefer orange? Isn’t eating Skittles about my enjoyment, not what a commercials wants me to think is my enjoyment?

Bravo to Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical for turning this Super Bowl commercial season upside down. Will this anti-commercial overshadow the 30-second clips shown during the big game? That question will have to wait for the Monday morning quarterbacks to answer.

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Until then, a bag of Skittles is waiting on my desk for me to taste the rainbow. Maybe advertising hasn’t ruined everything. I still remember the tagline and I enjoy every bite.