Jack in the Box Super Bowl party hacks to the rescue


Need some Super Bowl party hacks? Jack in the Box has devised these ingenious party hacks that will make your big game party epic.

Super Bowl party hacks can make a traditional big game party into the most memorable, epic gathering that your friends will remember till next year. While chips, dips and a bucket of wings are usually on the menu, the casual party host could be overwhelmed by the possibilities. Luckily Jack in the Box is coming to the rescue.

Jack in the Box has long been known for playing by different rule. The company’s vast and diverse menu ensures that everyone can find something that they like. From Monster Tacos to Stuffed Jalapenos, the Jack in the Box menu can curb any tasty craving.

Going into the big party weekend, creating the perfect Super Bowl menu can be daunting. From picky eaters to dietary restrictions, the list of dos and don’ts could have you throwing in the towel. But, Jack in the Box is coming to the rescue.

These Jack Hacks could save your sanity for the big game. Here are the brands recommendations.

Jack’s Buttermilk Ranch

Who doesn’t love dip? From chips to even some vegetables (yes, vegetables are allowed at a Super Bowl party), dip is a necessarily food. If don’t want to make or buy extra dip, grab some Jack’s Buttermilk Ranch. Just remember to take it out of the little containers. You could even fool your guests and say it is your special “secret” recipe.

Jack in the Box Tacos

Hand held food is key for Super Bowl parties. No one wants to struggle with a fork and knife. Instead of heating up the oven, grab a bunch of Jack in the Box Tacos instead of taquitos. Plus, each taco has its own wrapper. You can cut down on disposable plate usage.

Curly Fries

Can anyone resist curly fries? Why settle for a plain, boring chip when you can have curly fries? Put a bowl out on the table and watch everyone get happy. Sure, you might need some ketchup, or you could use that buttermilk ranch as a dipping sauce.

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