Game of Thrones pop-up is Replay Lincoln Park’s most ambitious undertaking


Step into another realm. The Game of Thrones pop-up at Replay Lincoln Park has fans moving away from their screens and stepping into this experience.

Did you think that a Game of Thrones pop-up could be a reality? At Replay Lincoln Park, the pop culture influenced establishment, Game of Thrones has taken over the space. From décor to libations, fans are flocking to this unique experience.

Replay Lincoln Park often uses its space as an homage to pop culture favorites. From The Office to Pokemon to even Buffy the Vampire, this Chicago hot spot has found the perfect way to bring fandoms to life. If you have ever wanted to experience your favorite fandom in real life, Replay Lincoln Park excels at these type of pop-up events.

Currently, Replay Lincoln Park is hosting this Game of Thrones pop-up. The locations has been transformed the space into Westeros. From majestic dragons to devious monarchs, this experience is truly impressive. The visuals bring the show and books to life.

Game of Thrones pop-up at Replay Lincoln Park, photo provided by Replay Lincoln Park

While the decoration is impressive, the experience goes beyond the visuals. The beverages really make the experience more memorable. For a while. Ommegang Brewery has offered a variety of Game of Thrones beers. These beers have been well received by both Game of Thrones fans and craft beer lovers. It is well worth raising a goblet of this fine brew at this special experience.

Since Replay Lincoln Park is well experienced with these type of theme pop-up events, the mixologists created various cocktails to bring the theme to life. Various cocktails on the menu including Blood of My Blood Cocktail, The Unburnt, Dracary (shot), Wild Fire, Milk of the Poppy Cocktails, The North Remembers Cocktails. From the visuals to the names, these cocktails will definitely get fans excited for the upcoming season.

These type of pop-up experiences are entertaining for many aspects. From the entertaining visuals to the fun drinks, it gives fans a chance to express the enjoyment of a brand, character and story line. Sure, it is fun to raise a glass of White Walker at home, but it is more fun to experience it with friends.

In a way, these types of pop-up experiences are similar to people’s desire to go to theme parks for that immersive fan experience. With less travel and a smaller cost, these pop-up experiences will continue to grow, especially with enthusiastic fans.

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Have you been to the Game of Thrones pop-up experience at Replay Lincoln Park? What did you think of the experience?