Pokemon Pop-Up Bar opens in Chicago: Ready to drink them all?


Pokemon pop-up bar has fans ready to collect their poke balls in the new Lincoln Park hot spot. Are you ready to drink them all?

Are you ready for some Pokemon fun? A new Pokemon Pop-Up Bar is here for Chicagoans to experience the world of a Pokemon trainer. Replay Lincoln Park is turning its back bar into a Pokeman utopia. From detailed décor featuring favorite characters to themed cocktails, this themed pop-up bar is going to fan’s dream.

This special immersive bar is created by Replay, the bar and arcade in Lincoln Park. The concept goes back to the original cards that fans collected and used to play against other fans. Like many of the bar’s other classic games, this special pop-up offers a sense of nostalgia while still being extremely entertaining.

Pokemon Pop-Up Bar opens in Chicago: Time to drink them all, photo provided by Replay Lincoln Park

According to Mark Kwiatkowski, owner of Replay Lincoln Park, “we wanted to offer a space for Pokemon fans to gather and share a bit of truly immersive fun with drinks, games and prizes for those who can catch ‘em all.”

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While the décor is impressive, the themed cocktails are a big part of this immersive experience. There are eight Pokemon-themed cocktails. These cocktails are “Boulder Badge (Rock Type), Cascade Badge (Water Type), Thunder Badge (Electric Type), Rainbow Badge (Grass Type), Soul Badge (Poison Type), March Badge (Psychic Type), Volcano Badge (Fire Type), and Earth Badge (Ground Type).” While details on the each cocktail haven’t been released, the cocktails should reflect their names and types. Wonder if some Fireball will be in the Volcano Badge?

Similar to the game’s concept of collecting, guests can earn a prize for “collecting” all eight cocktails. Completing the Elite Four Challenge will guests either an exclusive t-shirt or a commemorative pin.

If you aren’t up for the cocktail challenge, the pop-up will have other fun activities. QR codes will be scattered throughout the bar for a hunt. Also, games and gaming tournaments will be offered  during the pop-up’s run.

This special pop-up bar will be held at Replay in Lincoln Park. The bar and arcade is open from Monday through Sunday, hours vary depending on the day. Replay is known for its vintage arcade games. The bar doesn’t charge a cover and the games don’t require tokens.

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Are you ready to capture them all? Head over to the Pokemon Pop-Up Bar. What’s stopping you?