Can you get an authentic Dole Whip outside of a Disney theme park?


An authentic Dole Whip is one of the delicious treats that makes a Disney theme park visit magical. Now, that delicious frozen treat is available outside of the theme park.

Have you had an authentic Dole Whip? That bright, tart, tangy and sweet frozen treat has been a Disney staple for decades. The partnership between Disney and Dole has made the Dole Whip one of the most iconic Disney foods. While not shaped like Mickey, it is synonymous with a Disney theme park visit.

According to various sources, the authentic Dole Whip will now be available at Disney Springs, specifically at the Marketplace Snacks kiosk. Disney Springs is the dining and shopping destination in Walt Disney World. This new offering includes all the Dole Whip favorites.

In addition to the classic Dole Whip, the Disney Springs location will offer Dole Whip floats with pineapple juice and an adult version with spiked rum. While this offering gives Dole Whip fans a great way to get their “fix” of the favorite treat, does it lessen the specialness of the classic frozen treat?

Earlier this year, Disney announced that Mickey Ears ice cream would be available in grocery stores. While some Disney fans rejoiced at this announcement, it can cause a little disappointment. Part of the reason why Mickey ice cream, and Dole Whips, are so enjoyable is because they are only available at Disney theme parks. If you can get these treats everywhere, the “special” factor is somewhat lost.

Granted, the Dole Whip expansion isn’t the same as the Mickey ice cream. Adding Dole Whips to Disney Springs drives even more people to the dining and shopping destination, especially locals.

Beyond the annual passholders, it can become quite pricey to visit a Disney theme park. Having some Disney food and merchandise available at a non-ticketed Disney property is beneficial for both Disney and Disney fans.

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