Maple Bacon Donut cereal is coming to your bowl thanks to Post


Maple Bacon Donut cereal isn’t a foodie fantasy. Thanks to Post, this new cereal flavor will be your next favorite cereal.

Maple Bacon Donut cereal might sound like someone playing a foodie trick on your social media feed. Sure, the delicious Maple Bacon Donut is a delight with a steaming cup of coffee, but only a few donut shops do this flavor combination well. Now, everyone can delight in the combination of sweet and savory thanks to Post.

The Maple Bacon Donut cereal is one of two limited edition cereals that Post will release for National Cereal Day. Available only at Walmart, these cereals look to bring brunch to the cereal bowl.

The second flavor is Chicken and Waffles. Since these two cereal flavors are limited edition, foodies better grab them quickly. Once they are gone, the flavors won’t be returning to store shelves.

Looking at these two limited edition cereals, the Maple Bacon Donut flavor will definitely be a huge hit. Beyond the cereal pieces being shaped like a donut, the flavor should have a broad appeal. Bacon has a savory, salty, succulent taste that is delicious with a hint of sweet. Maple adds a richness beyond just plain sugar. It should taste like a perfect breakfast in a small, crunchy bite.

The most curious part will be the taste of the leftover milk in the cereal bowl. Often, that milk is the best part of cereal. Truthfully, this milk could be the basis of your next delicious milkshake (Maple Bacon Donut Milkshake could be the next big flavor).

The other limited edition flavor, Chicken and Waffles, is a little more curious. While chicken and waffles makes for a great brunch food, the flavor in a cereal could be different. Although the visual is little chicken drumsticks and waffles, the flavor needs to be balanced.

Again, with this flavor, the combination of slightly salty and sweet makes the perfect chicken and waffle dish. Also, a little heat can make that dish stand out. While it is doubtful that any heat (or spice) is in this cereal, it could make for an interesting development.

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Are you ready to try these limited edition cereals from Post? Maple Bacon Donut cereal might become the next Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.