Send Noods: Nissin Cup Noodles celebrates you for Valentine’s Day


What is Send Noods? Nissin Cup Noodles wants to put the focus on you in the Valentine’s Day celebration because everyone deserves a little extra love.

Valentine’s Day can be all about the over indulgent, extreme and exuberant gesture. This year, it is time to change the focus. Nissin Cup Noodles is encouraging everyone to skip the drama and just Send Noods.

For some people, Valentine’s Day can be a stressful event. From the perfect gift to the romantic dinner, the focus shifts away from the true focus. Putting “things” and “events” over the person can become problematic. The stress becomes overwhelming and disappointment prevails.

To avoid Valentine’s Day becoming so difficult, Nissin Cup Noodles is encouraging people to take a different approach this year. This year, give yourself a gift of love. Send yourself some hot noods.

Send Noods: Nissin Cup Noodles for Valentine’s Day, photo provided by Nissin Cup Noodles

Send Noods: Nissin Cup Noodles Valentine’s Day promotion, photo provided by Nissin Cup Noodles

Instead of anti-Valentine’s or Gal-entine’s Day, put the love back in your own life by sending yourself a box of Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggie. Everyone can give herself a box of these tasty noods by visiting Why not put yourself on top of the Valentine’s Day list.

Although this idea is a fun promotion, it is captures the theme of this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. Putting the focus back on people, not things, should be celebrated. Sometimes it is more about the gesture and the thought versus the amount of stuff. Thoughtfulness, not dollar amounts, show the true meaning of Valentine’ Day.

When it comes to thoughtfulness, people are coming more conscious about the foods that they choose to eat. But, those choices do not need to come with a side of pressure. Food, like holiday celebrations, is meant to be enjoyed.

Even in the food world, people can be hyper stressed about food itself. Eating a variety of food, food costs and particular diets can cause more chaos in an otherwise difficult world. Shouldn’t eating more veggies on a daily basis be relatively simple?

With the Nissin Cup Noodles Very Veggies a full serving of vegetables is easily attainable. The convenient, tasty instant ramen is packed with vegetables. Whether you like chicken, beef or soy flavors, there is a choice for your preference. From the busy family to the young adult, the iconic noodle fits within today’s lifestyle.

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This year for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to put the most important person on the top of your love list. Send Noods from Nissin Cup Noodles because everyone deserves a little love, no pressure added.