Denny’s Chocolate du Diner collection is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift


Looking for a one of a kind sweet gift for Valentine’s Day? Denny’s Chocolate du Diner could be sweet perfection for your beloved.

Denny’s Chocolate du Diner collection could be the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for someone special in your life. While chocolates, wine and other popular gifts might be tempting, finding a unique, different, or special gift can really make the holiday extra memorable. For a few lucky people, this bite of love will make you forever the syrup to their short stack.

Available on only February 14, a few lucky people could find these candy confections coming to their celebration. By expressing their true love on Twitter, using the hashtag #BeMyValendine, the Denny’s Chocolate du Dinner collection could be coming their way.

These limited edition truffles take the classic syrup and pancake flavors and transform them into decadent truffles. The two truffles in this collection might be on the super sweet side, but it is Valentine’s Day. Calories never count on a holiday.

Denny’s Chocolate du Diner collection, photo provided by Denny’s

The two truffles are Decadent White Chocolate-Coated Pancake Truffle and Milk Chocolate and Syrup Truffle. Although many truffles use dark chocolate, these two truffle flavors opt for chocolates that are more sweet than rich.

The Decadent White Chocolate-Coated Pancake Truffle has a hidden surprise. The white chocolate enrobes the Blueberry Pancake Puppies. The sweetness from the white chocolate should play off the slight tartness of the blueberries. Actually, this flavor combination could have you rethinking the topping for your next stack of blueberry pancakes.

The Milk Chocolate and Syrup Truffle is definitely an intense treat. While Denny’s hasn’t provided a clear description of this truffle, it sounds quite sugary. Maybe a little dollop of cream could balance that sugar. Then again, a good cup of coffee could be a nice pairing, too.

While this special treat isn’t available in stores, it does raise and interesting question, are there really pancake and syrup truffles available? If not, why hasn’t someone made them? Maple syrup, buttermilk pancakes and a little chocolate sounds tasty. Maybe this special Valentine’s Day treat could spark a new menu item at Denny’s.

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Will you be trying to snag the Denny’s Chocolate de Diner collection?