Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts: Focus on the creativity


Need last minute Valentine’s Day gifts? Don’t be frustrated by empty store shelves and instead focus on a little creativity.

Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts can be the ultimate save for a lot of people. With flowers wilting, reservations unavailable and panic setting in, a quick, yet creative, Valentine’s Day gift can be the ultimate savior. What options do you have?

While heart shaped food, candy and red colored foods are often popular choices for Valentine’s Day, a little creativity can make that gift a little more unique. Granted, someone, somewhere will have a similar idea, but you should get some kudos for that creativity.

Since red is the color of Valentine’s Day, why not focus on that red color and bring the heat to a Valentine’s Day gift. A collection of fiery hot snacks could be the perfect solution for that last minute gift.

Make it a flamin’ hot Valentine’s Day, photo by Cristine Struble

A quick scan of the snack food idea shows a wide array of flamin’ hot snacks. From the new Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho to the classic Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, love can be a little fiery. A little bit of spice can be the perfect way to bring the heat this Valentine’s Day. But, don’t just throw a bunch of bags in a gift bag. Create a little basket; maybe includes some napkins to help wipe away that Cheetos dust.

When it comes to last minute Valentine’s Day gifts, there is an easy, simple solution that can keep anyone out of the dog house. 7-Eleven now has a delivery service. Available through its 7NOW app, the quick service giant can deliver that last minute Valentine’s Day gift to your special someone.

Available in 900 stores and expanding, the 7NOW app can deliver thousands of items directly to your door. From that bottle of wine that you forgot to even some cold-pressed juice for the next morning, this new app brings the convenience to Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Regarding the 7NOW delivery service, this option could bring a little happiness to lots of people. From the person who might not want to venture out on the romantic holiday to the just because item to make someone’s day a little brighter, the options are many. Truthfully, you could even send yourself a little gift to ensure that you aren’t forgotten on Valentine’s Day.

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Are you in need of last minute Valentine’s Day gifts? What would you recommend those people scrambling to avoid the doghouse this year?