Heart shaped food for Valentine’s Day expresses food love


Heart shaped food is one of the more popular gifts for Valentine’s Day. Savory or sweet, share some heart shaped food with a special someone on February 14.

Valentine’s Day and heart shaped food are synonymous. Somehow any food shaped to look like a heart is just a little romantic. From doughnuts to even cheese, love is looking tasty. Even though there is the conversation heart candy controversy this year, heart shaped food comes in all flavors.

Here are FoodSided’s favorite heart shaped food for Valentine’s Day.


From Dunkin’ to Krispy Kreme, heart shaped doughnuts are filling our stomachs for Valentine’s Day. These doughnuts are fun for family celebrations. The kids love their special Valentine’s Day breakfast. Or, bring dozen to the office and brighten everyone’s day.

Ferrero Rocher heart shaped candy, photo provided by Ferrero Rocher


Valentine’s Day and candy are always a perfect pairing. Luckily heart shaped candy fills store shelves. A personal favorite is the Ferrero Rocher Valentine’s Day Golden Hollow Heart. Hidden inside the chocolate heart is delicious Ferrero Rocher. It is two sweet treats in one.


Turning a pretzel into a heart is a perfect idea for Valentine’s Day. Instead of breaking pretzels into heart shapes, head to Auntie Anne’s and get some of their heart shaped pretzels.

Available in both Auntie Anne’s Original and Cinnamon Sugar Heart-Shaped Pretzel, guests can send a little love message with these heart shaped food treats. For those who want to spice up Valentine’s Day, serve the original pretzel with some hot salsa cheese dip. Or, for the sweet treat for your sweetheart, pair the cinnamon sugar pretzel with the sweet glaze dip.

Heart shaped bagels, photo provided by Einstein Bros.


Whether served with schmear, butter or plain, Einstein Bros. has heart-shaped bagels for Valentine’s Day. Available on Valentine’s Day in both plain and chocolate chip flavors, these romantic treats will definitely bring a smile and maybe bring a little bagel love.


Aldi offered a variety of heart shaped cheese for Valentine’s Day. If you didn’t find those cheeses, you can even take a piece of your favorite cheese and make it heart-shaped. While you don’t necessarily need a cheesy note, the romantic effort could be appreciated.

These heart shaped food suggestions are just a few of the many options available for Valentine’s Day. Cakes, pizzas and a plethora of other tasty treats are waiting for you.

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