Food emojis: Why are some popular foods and beverages still missing?


Have you seen the latest list of new food emojis? While many popular foods made the list, a few missing ones are quite questionable.

Have you seen the newest list of food emojis? From garlic to waffles, some of the world’s favorite foods will have their cute illustrations on your keyboard. While many popular choices have been illustrated, two big foods are still missing. Why did white wine and almonds not make the short list?

Previously, there was a big petition for the white wine emoji. With so many beverage options, this omission seems striking. White wine is everywhere. From the classic California chardonnay to a crisp Pinot Grigio, who doesn’t enjoy a delightful glass of white wine?

In the illustrative world, sending a red wine emoji isn’t the same as a white wine? Granted the list of beer emojis would be too many if the keyboard tried to include every type of beer available. Still, opting for a white wine doesn’t seem too unreasonable.

The other big missing emoji seems to be almonds. Almonds are one of the more popular nuts. Even almond butter is as popular as peanut butter. Why did this nut get left off the list?

As Almond Day approaches, the Almond Board has created a petition to get an almond emoji. Given the plethora of uses for the almond, it should be included. Plus, think of the fun phrases that you could make with an almond emoji.

With all the emojis, the keyboard is getting pretty packed. From cupcakes to lobster to champagne bottles, there are so many foods included. Still, given the vastness of the food world, there are many more foods that have been left off that list.

As people become more food diverse that list of emojis should grow. Maybe some of the less used emojis will be retired to make room for more popular foods. Maybe some of the fruits will be replace with guacamole.

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Which food emojis would you want to see on the keyboard? Do you agree that white wine and almonds should be included?