White wine emoji, where’s the cheers for this wine drinker?


Where’s the white wine emoji? Another emoji needs to be added to the keyboard and white wine drinkers want their voice heard.

Did you ever notice that the white wine emoji is missing? Sure, red wine drinkers get their glass of vino. Unfortunately, if you enjoy a glass of chardonnay, Riesling or pinot grigio, you can’t express yourself with that particular glass of wine. Luckily white wine drinkers are making their voice heard on the big emoji omission.

According to Fetzer Vineyards, “146 million cases of white wine consumed in the U.S. last year.” With that many white wine drinkers, it makes sense that there should be a white wine emoji. How can you tell your friend to bring a bottle of chardonnay for girls’ night or add a cute caption to Instagram if there’s no emoji?

Where’s the white wine emoji? photo provided by Fetzer

Looking at the emoji keyboard, there are numerous food choices, but beverages are a little more limited. Given the many types of food and beverage emojis, it is surprising that there is no white wine option. How difficult would it be to add a wine glass with a different, lighter color?

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A dozen California wineries and the global wine community is petitioning to have the white wine emoji added to the keyboard. Using #WhiteWineEmoji, Fetzer even created a video showing how people enjoy their white wine. From perfect pairings to even just a quiet night at home, white wine works in almost any occasion.

Thinking about white wine specifically, wine pairings don’t always have to focus on the traditional fish and pasta pairings. With the wide variety of wine white varietals, there is a wine for almost any dish that you want to serve. When thinking about pairings, consider going beyond your comfort zone. Consider the notes and flavors of the wine and how they would complement the flavors in the dish. From balancing spices to bringing out the subtle butter notes, there are many pairings to be explored.

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If you love your white wine, share that love with #WhiteWineEmoji and hopefully it will be added to the 2019 emoji roster. Better yet, show us your favorite wine white by tagging #FoodSided. Cheers to white wine and all the wine lovers.