Anolon Advanced Indigo sparks creativity for the home cook


Anolon Advanced Indigo became the fifth color in the brand’s cookware collection. Can this color bring a spark creativity to your cooking ability?

Indigo is a deep, rich color. The newest color to the brand’s cookware collection, Anolon Advanced Indigo, brings a rich, dignified hue to any kitchen. Could this newest color inspire some delicious recipes in your kitchen?

Anolon Advanced is a full line of trusted kitchen essentials. The heavy gauge, hard anodized cookware has been a trusted brand for years. As the brand expanded into colors, the cookware line focused on more earth-toned options. Colors like graphite, bronze and even onyx could be mixed and matched or used as a whole colored set.

While colors give home cooks options, the durability and performance of this cookware line has made it popular with home cooks. Specifically, the Anolon SureGrip handles offer the comfort for the home cook. More importantly, the combined stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone helps to prevent the dreaded hot handle grab.

Additionally, the cookware has a special design. The tulip shape with flared sides helps to prevent dipping. Anyone who has tried to serve from or pour from a pot or pan understands the problem of dripping. This design helps to avoid those dreaded messes.

Overall, the design helps to build confidence for the home cook. When a product is easy to use and performs exceptionally well, that pot or pan will quickly become the home cook’s favorite kitchen essential. From cooking to clean up, the home cook wants kitchenware that does it all.

While Anolon Advanced has been a trusted kitchen essential, the color expansion into indigo is quite interesting. Indigo is a vibrant color that is between a deep midnight blue and purple. Often associated with intuition and perception, it also promotes creativity.

Adding indigo cookware into the kitchen could be a way to increase a home cook’s cooking creativity. Maybe adding one of these new pans to your kitchen could have you inspired to cook a version of your favorite restaurant’s dinner or create a recipe from your favorite celebrity chef. Any spark of creativity in the kitchen is always a good thing.

The Anolon Advanced Indigo is available in various stores. The brand is available as both sets and open stock.

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Are you ready to get a little more creative in the kitchen? Consider adding Anolon Advanced Indigo to your kitchen essentials.