Do you know which fast food brand sells 25,000 tacos an hour?


25,000 tacos an hour is an incredibly huge number of food orders. Can you guess which fast food brand sells this many tacos an hour?

Do you have a favorite fast food brand? Fast food is a hugely competitive industry. Each company looks for ways to set itself apart from the competition. In the case of this particular company, its tacos are a bigger seller than its burgers.

When it comes to fast food, burgers are usually a company’s big seller. For Jack in the Box, their tacos outsell their burgers. According to the company, Jack in the Box sells “25,000 tacos per house, outselling burgers on an hourly basis.”

Over the years, Jack in the Box has looked to set itself apart from other fast food brands. From creative marketing approaches to the breadth of their menu, this company isn’t the place to just grab some burgers and fries. The high selling tacos is testament to that variety.

Actually, the Jack in the Box tacos have been part of the menu since the 1950s. That addition of tacos was considered a risk, but Jack in the Box has been, and will continue to be, disruptive. Being different and giving consumers variety is part of this fast food brand’s identity.

To celebrate the iconic Jack in the Box tacos, the fast food brand will offer two tacos for $.99. This special menu offer will be available starting on January 20, 2019. The offer is available via the mobile app.

There is a very interesting part of this offer. According to Jack in the Box, “guests can order every single day” and they can get as many as they want “while supplies last.” While this statement is quite broad, guests could have a tremendous taco party. How many tacos could you eat?

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Are you part of the 25,000 tacos an hour statistic? Which fast food brand has your favorite food?