Oscar inspired menu entices movie fans to order these Uber Eats


Do you need another reason to order Uber Eats? This Oscar inspired menu could make your Oscar viewing party cinematically tasty.

Have you created your Oscar inspired menu for this weekend’s award show? Thanks to Uber Eats, the brand has compiled some delicious food suggestions to serve at your watching party. From box office hits to poignant documentaries, these film inspired food choices could make for a tasty party.

Everyone can create their own viewing party menu, Uber Eats looked at some popular orders from around the country. These menu suggestions offer a wide breath of cuisines. From fast food to haute cuisine, these dishes could push your comfort boundaries.

Many of these menu items were inspired by the brand’s most ordered foods. Looking at this list, it is curious that the diversity of orders is great. It goes to show that food delivery is becoming more popular.

For example, some quintessential foodies might scoff at the idea of ordering a fast food hamburger. Instead of overlooking that guilty pleasure, it could be an eye opening experience. The same can be said of the opposite preference. Why not try some exotic flavors or unusual ingredients and see where those flavors take you.

To entice people to try Uber Eats, the company is offering a Buy One, Get One free deal. From February 20 through February 25, customers can get two dishes for the price of a single dish. From Dos Toros to Milk Bar and many more, this offer applies.

Uber Eats suggested Oscar inspired menu, photo provided by Uber Eats

Here is a suggested Oscar inspired menu based on this year’s Oscar nominees.


Bohemian Rhapsody
Instead of focusing English cuisine or something from Tanzania, The Drama Queen Roll from Mikado Japanese Cuisine is suggested. This sushi roll highlights a variety of spices and flavors. With spicy tuna, jalapeno and special spicy sauce, the heat is noticeable. But, the luscious avocado and seared yellowtail balance the boldness.

Crazy Rich Asians
While some people might have the bank roll of these characters, wouldn’t it be nice to live that extravagant lifestyle? If you are up for the expense, the company recommends the International Caviar Flight from the Beluga Caviar Bar. This flight includes “osetra “karat” gold, osetra “karat” amber, and Siberian sturgeon caviar.” If you have never indulged in caviar, this taste indulgence might be worth the price tag. Just make sure you share it with something who is worth the final bill.

Main Course Options

A Star is Born
Why not celebrate a star with a Famous Star burger. Order a Famous Star with Cheese from Carl’s Jr. and try to belt out a lyric or two from Shallow. If you want to feel more connected to the Hollywood aesthetic, you could opt for the Beyond Meat version.

Who isn’t a fan of the Notorious RBG? The iconic Super Court Justice and Great Dissenter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires this Washington DC food choice. The recommended pairing is The Maverick from &pizza. Considered one of most ordered items in the area, this pizza definitely packs a big punch. Maybe this pizza could fuel you to stand tall in your principles.


Incredibles 2
Do you want a cookie num num? Who didn’t laugh at those moments in this Pixar movie? Although Disneyland doesn’t deliver, the Fresh Baked Incredible Cookie from Jason’s Deli is a close second. The combination of different cookies is amazing. If you haven’t had one of these cookies definitely use your super powers to order one now.

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Have you planned your Oscar inspired menu for your viewing party? What foods will make your final cut?