Why doesn’t Magic Kingdom have Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums?


Magic Kingdom has many delicious food choices. Why can’t the theme park have Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums?

Magic Kingdom is filled with pixie dust, magical memories and culinary delights. This summer, Tomorrowland has been transformed into the Incredible Summer. With all the Incredibles experiences, why doesn’t the theme park offer Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums?

Anyone who has seen the Incredibles 2 knows that Jack-Jack loves his cookies. From bringing him back from another dimension to keeping him happy, those delicious chocolate chip cookies keep demon baby Jack-Jack away. Why haven’t these delicious cookies made an appearance at Magic Kingdom?
JACK-JACK COOKIE NUM NUMS IN PIXAR PIER provided by(Disneyland Resor )
At Disneyland, Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums are available at the exit to the redesigned Incredibles Coaster. The warm, chocolate chip cookies beckon riders as they exit the ride. Who can resist a warm chocolate chip cookie?

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To me, it seems strange that Magic Kingdom didn’t chose to offer these cookies for the summer. A warm chocolate chip cookie isn’t too hard to add to a menu. With all the focus on the Incredibles, the food component seems to be lacking.

Disneyland has tons of inventive food choices for the Pixar Pier. From the various flavors of churros to angry dogs, the food choices are plentiful. There was even a churro challenge at the theme park this summer. Everyone who has been at Disneyland has been sharing the visually creative food on social media. It definitely gives Orlando guests food envy.

Why hasn’t Magic Kingdom worked some of these food choices into its rotation? Even with the opening of Woody’s Lunch Box at Hollywood Studios, the food choices seem to be a little lackluster. The pink cupcakes and mermaid drinks are a little old. People want something visually stunning and tasty to share and talk about after their vacation.

Of course, Epcot has always been the food and drink theme park. Who hasn’t seen people trying to eat and drink their way around the world? Still, people want, and deserve more, than just a Mickey pretzel or a Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom.

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Since there was no Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums on my last visit, I opted for my traditional Dole Whip Float. Even though it isn’t something new, it is still refreshing on a hot Florida day. What’s your favorite menu item at Magic Kingdom?