Dole powers the hero within: Incredibles 2 themed recipes


Do you need a super recipe? Dole created these Incredibles 2 themed recipes that give everyone the power to fuel the hero within.

Dole produce is part of many people’s daily routine. With the summer return of Pixar Disney’s Incredibles 2, these Incredibles 2 themed recipes help families understand that healthy eating can help fuel everyone’s super powers. With smart food choices, everyone can have some super power to fuel the daily routine.

For the Parr family (aka The Incredibles), they all have superhero powers. For the rest of us mere mortals, our superhero powers are a little less obvious. Still, every day heroes are just as important as that favorite superhero family.

Dole Incredibles 2 themed recipes, photo provided by Dole

One way to keep everyday heroes on track for incredible days is smart food choices. Making sure that the whole family eats plenty of fruits and vegetables is important. Whether it is stocking the refrigerator with better food choices or learning some easy, healthy recipes, everyone can be part of the heroic healthy lifestyle.

Everyday heroes need smart choices to fuel their day. The collaboration between Dole and Disney●Pixar’s Incredibles 2 shows families that superhero eating is easier than they think. Smart choices and healthy eating habits are easy and achievable. While you might not run as fast as Dash, smart food choices will keep your power fueled throughout the day.

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According to Bil Goldfield, director of corporate communications for Dole, the Powering the Hero Within initiative offers “super recipes, serving suggestions and healthy-living tips that moms, dads and others need to positively impact family eating habits all summer long. Because at the end of the day, everyday heroes are the most powerful heroes of all.”

For this program, there are “15 original Dole fruit and vegetable recipes inspired by the Parr Family and their alter egos in Disney●Pixar’s Incredibles 2.” The various recipes are packed with nutritional benefits yet offer flavors that the whole family will enjoy. From breakfast to dessert, these recipes will quickly become family favorites.

After reading through all these themed recipes, the whole family can get involved with creating these healthier eating choices. From a morning smoothie to even a better for you ice cream, the options are delicious and easy.

Snack-Snack Attack, photo provided by Dole

For example, the kids can make their own “Snack-Snack Attack” for an afternoon snack. Loaded with fruit and protein, the kids can satisfy their appetite yet eat additional fruits in their daily diet. Or, the Summer Super Slaw shows how eating the rainbow of colored vegetables can add flavor and texture to any dish.

By making healthier recipes fun and easy, families are more willing to adapt these choices to their lifestyle. Kids enjoy the movie collaboration. For parents, the movie tie-in helps to spark the conversation for better food choices. How easy is it for a parent to say, don’t you want to eat your bananas so you can be super like Jack Jack? While the statement is an exaggeration, the kids might be encouraged to eat better. Those better choices can start overall better eating habits, which can power the hero within.

The Dole and Incredibles 2 healthy eating collaboration features both a website and branding on the company’s bananas and pineapples. Incredibles 2 opens in theaters on June 15. The Dole “Powering the Hero Within” is a yearlong initiative. For recipes and more information, please visit

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Are you ready to see your everyday superhero powers soar? Start some healthy eating habits as a family and you could be even more powerful than the Parr family.