Who is the ultimate K.F.G – King of Flame Grilling?


K.F.G, the King of Flame Grilling, is staking his claim to grilled chicken greatness. Can you handle the fast food war heat?

By the name, can you wager a guess at just who is the King of Flame Grilling, aka the K.F.G? In the newest installment of the fast food wars, Burger King is laying claim to the grill. With the King’s bold statement, “a King always outranks a colonel” will people be lining up to taste this flamed grilled chicken?

To announce Burger King’s newest menu item, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, the company is making a very clear reference to another chicken restaurant competitor. This type of back and forth between fast food companies is becoming more common. A quick search on Twitter shows the flurry of witty comments and comebacks.

As seen in this video, the King is calling out the chicken competitors. Yes, that banjo in the background will get stuck in your head.

While the commercial is humorous and attracts people to the new menu item, the true test of this new Grilled Chicken Sandwich comes with the taste. It doesn’t matter how enticing the funny video, the flavor needs to deliver.

According to Burger King, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich is “seasoned 100% white meat chicken filet, flame-grilled to perfection, marinated with spices, layered with fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, and sweet honey mustard on a toasted potato bun.”

A couple of items are interesting about this particular sandwich. First, the chicken is marinated, but it doesn’t clarify the type of marinade. Most likely, the marinade won’t over flavor the meat. It probably just helps to keep the chicken breast moist.

Second, the sandwich uses honey mustard. This condiment should give a nice flavor to the sandwich. While it will have a touch of sweetness, it should make the sandwich slightly tangy.

Lastly, Burger King is using a potato bun. This type of bun ensure that it is nothing like just another chicken sandwich. Plus, the bun is toasted. Everyone knows that toasted buns are better.

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich will debut nationwide starting on February 21. The suggested price is $4.499.

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Do you think that Burger King will be reign as the K.F.G, King of Flame Grilling? More importantly, do you want to try this chicken sandwich?