Reese’s Thins: Perfect sweet treat for any occasion


Have you seen the new Reese’s Thins? The newest version of the delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup could be your new craveable treat.

Reese’s Thins are the newest version of your favorite peanut butter cup to hit Walmart store shelves. While the iconic peanut butter cups are always a popular candy and snacking option, this new version has tremendous appeal. Are you ready to try it?

The new Reese’s Thins are available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The two types of chocolate variety is a big step for Reese’s. While dark chocolate has been a recent food trend, rolling out a new product in both varieties shows the appeal of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is often associated with a great satisfaction. There is something about the slightly bolder flavor that makes a smaller amount feel as if you have eaten more. Combining that richer chocolate with the classic Reese’s peanut butter filling should be quite tasty.

Reese’s Thins at Walmart, photo provided by Walmart

Thinking about the concept of a “thin” Reese’s peanut butter cup, the idea changes the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. According to the brand, this candy is “40 percent thinner than the originals.” While the flavor isn’t changed, the experience will be different.

Recently, “thin” is in for candy and snacks. Many brands have adopted the thin component. From cookies to candy, people want those treats. The thin concept could allow them to indulge without feeling like they have over indulged.

Beyond the thin concept, this new Reese’s candy has another innovation. The Reese’s Thins are individually wrapped. This idea means that they are perfect for all types of scenarios. From lunch to snack time, it is a great grab and go. Also, the individually wrapped candy could keep you from eating the entire package because it is open.

The new Reese’s Thins are available at Walmart, for $3.48. A snack pack and a family pack will be available in the coming months.

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Are you excited for the new Reese’s Thins? Which flavor would be your favorite?