Oikos Oh! double cream yogurt meets indulgent artisanal flavors


Oikos Oh! is a double cream yogurt that is the ultimate spoonful indulgence. Will these luscious yogurts satisfy more than your favorite dessert?

Can a double cream yogurt satisfy as much as your favorite dessert? One spoonful of Oikos Oh! and you might have a new favorite indulgent treat. This new yogurt line is as satisfying at those decadent, creamy desserts that tempt from the bakery case.

The new Oikos Oh! is a different style of yogurt. Most yogurts are whole milk yogurts. In this particular yogurt, the base is a double cream. This style creates a rich, luscious texture that is creamier than traditional yogurts.

If you haven’t tried this yogurt, the consistency is thicker, like a pot de cream or pudding. In this case, this yogurt feels more like a dessert, than a more traditional yogurt. Of course, it could be your delicious breakfast, it works tremendously well as a dessert or a scrumptious snack.

The new Oikos Oh! is available in four flavors, Salt Dusted Caramel Crème, Magnificent Mixed Berry Rhubarb, Lemon Sweet Cream Delight and Honey Drizzled Blueberry. These flavors run the gamut, but have a more elevated flavor direction.

Overall, the four flavors show that yogurt, specifically the Oikos brand, is more than just plain, fruit flavors. Today’s consumers want the combination of flavors that incorporate food trends and push the boundaries of creativity.

Specifically, these yogurts are more than just a quick bite. The flavor combinations make it more of an eating enjoyment. Shouldn’t all food be about enjoyment?

Oikos Oh! Double cream yogurt, photo by Cristine Struble

In a way, the four flavors definitely have a dessert-like twist. After taking a bite of the Salt Dusted Caramel Crème, the flavor is reminiscent of rich, caramel pudding. With the hint of salt to balance the caramel, this yogurt is better than a fluffy mousse.

Although these double cream yogurts are meant to be enjoyed on their own, the yogurt is quite delightful when incorporated into a semi-homemade treat. For example, the Magnificent Mixed Berry Rhubarb is quite delightful with some strawberries and even a little shortcake.

Creating a trifle like dessert feels completely decadent, but not quite so calorically dense. It satisfies yet doesn’t come with an extra side of guilt. Plus, the richness of the flavor makes the whole treat even more enjoyable.

Truthfully, all of these yogurts are enjoyable on their own or incorporated into other recipes. The options are numerous. More importantly, it proves that these Oikos Oh! yogurts deserve a spot on your refrigerator shelf.

The Oikos Oh! double cream yogurts are available in various stores in the refrigerated section.

Are you ready for a taste of yogurt indulgence? Can you spoon handle the flavors Oikos Oh!?