Choose the right coffee maker by focusing on versatility


Finding the right coffee maker for your home may not be a simple task. Still, one key word can narrow down the choices quickly.

Which is the right coffee maker for your home? Unfortunately, the answer for one person is not necessarily the answer for everyone. Just like ordering a coffee from your favorite café, the options have options. Even coffee isn’t always just coffee. How does a person narrow it all down?

Coffee makers come in different styles. From drip coffee makers to pod varieties, the consumer needs to determine the most common type of coffee that she drinks most often. For example, if you just like plain, black coffee your coffee maker choice will be very different from the person who prefers a triple shot, café mocha.

In many cases, simplicity is not an option. For many homes, options are the key to happiness. The ability to switch from coffee to espresso to even tea is the right coffee maker option. But, is such an option truly viable?

While versatility might be the key term, those options often come with a hefty price tag. Sure, some people might want to have a counter filled with coffee makers. Unfortunately, that scenario isn’t practical, both from a space and a cost perspective.

Still, how do you choose a coffee maker that works in your household? The type of beverage usually drives that decision. For example, in my household, the beverages vary. While I might be all over the coffee drinking map, my husband only likes tea. Finding a machine that offers both coffee and tea isn’t an easy task.

Recently, a new company started a Kickstarter campaign that caught my eye. Renato’s is a “patented, premium quality, single serve coffee and tea brewing system.” The duality of beverages caught my eye. While some pod machines can do coffee and tea, this system offers espresso in addition to coffee and tea.

First, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a coffee snob, but the difference between good coffee and coffee is clear. In many cases, the better flavor is a combination of good coffee product and expert machine. A great machine with bad coffee cannot improve the flavor. Also, great coffee will not be as tasty when brewed with a poor machine.

Having tried many, many coffee makers over the years, a few items are very important to me. First, various coffee sizes are key. From a single shot of espresso to a full cup of coffee, I want to have my beverage variety.

Second, I don’t want to wait forever for my machine to heat up. While no one wants to over-use energy with a machine constantly running, the water for the beverage needs to heat up quickly. Luke warm beverages are never satisfying.

Lastly, I don’t want a gigantic machine to take up tons of space on my counter. Besides looking cluttered, counter space is work-prep space. If a big machine takes up the majority of counter space, how can I effectively prep?

Given my long and varied wish list, I am very excited about a Kickstarter campaign for a new beverage machine. Renato’s looks to hit many of my wish list items. From versatility to design, this new machine could be a game changer for the small appliance industry.

Based on the Kickstarter campaign, the machine will offer espresso, coffee and tea options. The single serve brewed beverages offer the variety that I want without sacrificing quality. From a shot of espresso for my favorite latte to my afternoon tea, this machine could become my new favorite small kitchen appliance.

While the technology behind the machine itself is impressive, Renato’s doesn’t stop at the machine. The brand incorporates specially crafted coffees and teas to ensure maximum taste enjoyment. Sourced from Italy, these ingredients are high quality and produce a premium experience.

One aspect is quite interesting regarding this Renato’s launch. The machine comes with a coffee and/or tea subscription service. While the cost is quite cheaper than traditional sources, this offering might not be the favorite option for consumers. But, if people taste the actual products, they might be convinced that this option is well-worth the service.

The final aspect that should sway consumers to the Renato’s offering is the price. With a suggested retail price of $250, this machine is much more cost effective than similar coffee machines. More importantly, just think of the cost savings that you will have by making beverages at home. Just a couple months of coffee shop purchases could fund the cost of this machine.

If you would like more information on the Renato’s Kickstarter campaign, please visit the Kickstarter website.

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How do you pick the right coffee maker for your home? Is versatility the must have component?