Captain Marvel inspired recipes: Powering the hero within everyone


Captain Marvel inspired recipes are one way to celebrate this highly anticipated Marvel movie. How will you power the hero within?

Captain Marvel inspired recipes are the latest chapter in the Dole “Powering the Hero Within” campaign. After fans enjoyed both the Mickey’s 90th birthday celebration and Incredibles recipes, this latest group of recipes highlights female superheroes in very walk of life.

As the first female superhero, Captain Marvel is sparking much excitement. As people watch these amazing feats on screen, everyone can spark a discussion on how to celebrate her own superhero powers, or the power within.

According to Lisa Overman, director of marketing for Dole, this program honors Captain Marvel, as the first female superhero, and every woman as well. “We’re applauding the women everywhere who use their powers, whether supernatural or everyday, to fight for a healthier and more equitable planet.” From chefs to scientists to philanthropists, many, many people are making differences to bring everyone a nutritious life.

Captain Marvel inspired recipes, photo provided by Dole

As part of this program, Dole released several Capital Marvel inspired recipes. For these themed recipes, the initiative focuses on “female superheroes in food, health, nutrition, wellness and hunger relief.” These new recipes highlight a plant-based menu. More importantly, the recipes are designed to meet specific female health needs.

While these recipes focus on women’s nutrition, the nutritional benefits are for everyone. Just think about the mothers, wives and friends who can make these recipes for others. Exploring nutritionally dense recipes can be a way to discover new flavors while eating healthy.

Many of these recipes focus on plant-based recipes. From breakfast to dinner, there are nine different recipes that satisfy on various levels. From fruit packed to vegetable forward, the recipes show that plant based recipes are far from boring. More importantly, the recipes are “designed to meet specific female health needs.”

Captain Marvel inspired recipes, photo provided by Dole

Did you know that “women who ate five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day had a 23% lower risk of stress?” From that morning smoothie to the vegetable lasagna, there are many ways to increase fruit and vegetable consumption without compromising on flavor or taste.

Looking at these nine Captain Marvel themed recipes, the flavors are quite diverse. Mornings can start with a Dole’s Wake Up Oats, which are full of berries. Or a Coconut Acai Bowl which is packed with 10 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber.

For other meals, options include Lemon Ginger Spring Vegetable Stir Fry. This recipe is packed with fiber and helps with a heart healthy diet. More importantly, it is incredibly tasty.

Given the varied and diverse recipes, these recipes can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle. Whether a new recipe each week or an entire weekend of flavor exploration, everyone will be powering up with great nutritional recipes.

To try all the Captain Marvel inspired recipes, Dole’s website has a complete list. This program is part of the Powering the Hero Within campaign.

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Are you ready to discover your inner superhero? Great tasting, nutritious recipes can help anyone and everyone get on that heroic path.