Carl’s Jr. launches craft brewed Vanilla Cold Brew, afternoons just got tastier


Vanilla Cold Brew can be the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up. Carl’s Jr. just launched this new crafted brew beverage and you won’t be able to resist it.

Do you love cold brew? Now there is another option to grab your favorite coffee beverage. Carl’s Jr. just launched a crafted brewed Vanilla Cold Brew. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with the limited edition Froot Loops mini donuts, this beverage could become your new obsession.

The newest beverage coming to Carl’s Jr. is made from a 100% Arabica Central American blend. The coffee is steeped to taste, which ensures that each and every sip is delicious. From a quick grab and go beverage to a pairing with another food item, this coffee option could have you ditching that classic soda.

As the coffee culture continues to grow, consumers want to get their coffee options at numerous locations. With everyone’s busy lives, the classic coffee shop might not be the most convenient option for that caffeine fix. More fast food restaurants are adding trending coffee options to round out the menu.
Carl’s Jr. launches craft brewed Vanilla Cold Brew, photo provided by Carl’s Jr.
Additionally, cold brew coffee continues to have its moment. The slow steeped brewing process creates a fuller, robust flavor. More importantly, the slow process avoids the bitter flavor that some hot brewing processes can create. Sometimes the flavor is so smooth, cream and sugar aren’t even needed.

For Carl’s Jr. To add these items to its menu, the brand understands that the consumer is looking for all day beverage choices. Gone are the days when coffee was just a morning option. Today, coffee is enjoyed at every hour, of every day.

Also, adding beverage options to its menu brings more guests to the restaurants. Guests are looking for convenience. From grabbing an item on the way to work or on the afternoon school pick-up, the consumer doesn’t want to out of her way.

But, the consumer doesn’t want to compromise on flavor. Just taking regular brewed coffee and pouring it over ice isn’t an option. She wants the authentic, real deal.

The new vanilla cold brew at Carl’s Jr. is available at participating locations for approximately $2.29.

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Would the new cold brew coffee entice you to make a stop at Carl’s Jr?