Magnum Double Tubs: Magnum Ice Cream just got even more decadent


Looking for an even more decadent ice cream? Magnum Double Tubs offer the best sundae bite with minimal effort.

Magnum Ice Cream has become a favorite ice cream because of its rich, luscious texture and premium flavors. Recently, the brand launched its new Magnum Double Tubs to the delight of fans. This newest offering takes some classic aspects to the ice cream and amplifies it in a new way.

Similar to some of the Magnum classic tub offerings, these new flavors have the thick milk chocolate shards. Anyone who has experienced the Magnum classic tubs knows how delicious those chunks of chocolate mixed into the velvety ice is. For this new offering, the flavor experience expands thanks to rich, scrumptious sauces.

According to Leslie Miller, Director of Ice Cream, North America , the “Double Tubs flavors comes from one of our classic bars, like our most loved flavor, Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bar.” Overall the reimagined flavors are an “unapologetically indulgent experience.”

The four flavors in the new Magnum Double Tubs line are Magnum Double Sea Salt Caramel, Magnum Double Cookie Crumble, Magnum Double Chocolate & Ganache and Magnum Double Cherry Truffle.

Looking at these four flavors, the Magnum Double Sea Salt Caramel is probably the most obvious. The popularity of sea salt (or salted) caramel hasn’t wavered. While salt tends to make sweet, sweeter, the heavier salt offers a balance to the sweetness. The salt creates an ebb and flow in each bite, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Magnum Double Tubs, photo provided by Magnum Ice Cream

The Magnum Double Cookie Crumble sounds similar to a frozen version of a covered iconic sandwich cookie. While there aren’t cookie pieces in this version, the flavors sound similar. In a way, it is an adult version of a classic cookies and cream.

Lastly, the Magnum Double Cherry Truffle is probably the most interesting offering. Cherry and chocolate combination looks to be on the rise. While this combination often appears around Valentine’s Day, the combination is delightful all year round. The idea of a cherry sauce (instead of the more common raspberry) should offer a sweet, yet tart, balance to the chocolate. While this version uses a cherry ice cream, it would be equally as delightful with a vanilla ice cream.

The Magnum Double Ice Cream Tubs are available at grocery stores and mass retailers.

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Are you ready for the ultimate ice cream indulgence? Which flavor are you most excited to try?