Most unique food items left in Ubers will make you scratch your head


Ever wonder what food items left in Ubers are the most unique? According to this compiled list, the items are part unusual and part just strange.

Food items left in Ubers isn’t some crazy meme or a made up list. Uber Eats actually compiled a real list of forgotten foods. As part of its annual Lost and Found Index, the food left behind might make you laugh, cry and wonder what people were thinking.

Of course, people have left a myriad of things in an Uber. From a jacket to cameras to keys, many things could have been left behind. It doesn’t seem likely that someone would forget their food, but it is happening.

More curious, the food items that have been left behind aren’t your typical dinner or even leftovers. For example, who forgets a salmon head? More importantly, how long was it left behind.

According to Uber Eats, here the “25 Most Unique Food Items Forgotten in Ubers.”

"1. A Chicken Drum Stick2. A small plush toy of a cat eating a pizza slice3. Garlic bread4. Platter of sushi rolls5. Boxes of Franzia6. Lifetime supply matcha card (pink and green)7. Turquoise flask with flower stickers on it8. Veuve Cliquot Champagne9. Taco Bell apron and 7 pork tacos10. Coconut shrimp11. Corn beef in a can, a salmon head12. Frozen corn dogs and sour brite candy13. A large popcorn maker14. Small Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub15. Chocolate. I just don’t want it to melt on you.16. Painting of an ice cream cone17. 24 pack of miller lite and a carton of ice cream18. One pound of Starbucks decaf coffee19. Left my crab steamer in trunk of car20. Dr. Pepper can in a Minions Koozie21. Tuna cans and relish22. Two mustards and two green peppers23. Poke bowl leftovers24. 2 metal skewers with neon green handles for campfire marshmallow roasting25. 5 candy covered apples, 1 container of cookies and 1 roast beef sandwich slider"

Now forgetting some leftovers is a possibility. Who hasn’t left a doggie bag at the table? Still, the quantity of the leftovers are unusual.

Still, how do you leave a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne behind? That mistake is probably triple the cost of the Uber. Hopefully, it wasn’t the same ride as the salmon head.

Additionally, it is curious why the Uber driver missed some of this items. From items left in the trunk to a large popcorn maker, those items would be hard to miss.

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Next time you get in an Uber, be considerate of the driver. Don’t leave anything behind, including these most unique food items left in Ubers.