5 Big Game leftovers recipes, don’t let good food go to waste


Do you have Big Game leftovers? With these five tasty recipes, all those leftovers can be transformed into delicious meals and food waste is avoided.

Big Game leftovers don’t have to be a huge food problem. Even though everyone ate, and ate, over the weekend, some people might have food left over. Since food waste is a major concern, tasty recipes using all those leftovers are the perfect solution.

Food waste is a tremendous food problem. Who hasn’t dug forgotten food out of the back of the refrigerator? While that food becomes an issue in landfills, it wastes your money,too. Why not find a second or third purpose for all that food you have in the house.

Using those leftovers doesn’t necessarily mean serving another plate of chicken wings. With a little creativity, those chicken wings, plate of charcuterie and even that yummy dip can be transformed into a completely different delicious meal.

Recently, Joel Gamoran, host of A&E’s Scraps TV and National Chef, Director of Culinary at Sur La Table, collaborated with Morton’s Salt on some easy leftovers recipes that any home cook can master. These five recipes use several foods that were commonly found on a Big Game menu.

FoodSided recommends the following five Big Game leftovers recipes.

Big Game leftovers recipes, photo provided by Morton’s Salt

Guacamole Green Goddess Chopped Salad

After all the eating (and potentially over-eating), a nod to some healthier foods could be a great start to the week. This particular salad uses some of the crudité (that probably no one ate) with some guacamole (if you have any left).

The colorful salad helps to get the start of the week on the right track. It won’t necessarily cut down on the calories you have to burn after the over-indulgence, but it will make you feel a little healthier.

Twice Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip Potatoes

Was there spinach and artichoke dip at your Big Game party? Someone always seems to bring that appetizer to a party. Since that dip doesn’t necessarily constitute a meal, it needs to be transformed into something else.

This potato recipe makes quick work of that leftover appetizer. Twice baked potatoes are always a hit. While some people might serve this recipe as a side dish, it could also be an easy lunch.

Fettuccine Carbonara with Yesterday’s Charcuterie

Charcuterie has become one of the most popular food choices at parties, or even an easy weekend afternoon with friends. After the perfect Instagram picture has passed your feed, that leftover meat doesn’t need to be buried in the refrigerator drawer.

Pasta Carbonara is an easy recipe to master, is quite tasty and looks impressive at the table. This version uses the leftover meat from a charcuterie plate. While great for Big Game leftovers, it is a recipe to remember all year long.

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Leftover Beer Cheese Soup with Rye Croutons

Soup seems to be a comforting recipe. This recipe uses both those bottles of beer and some of the leftover veggies. Keeping beer for the next big gathering isn’t always the best idea. Beer doesn’t age well, like wine. And, instead of drowning your sorrows over a poor football season, put that beer to a tasty use with this recipe.

Cast Iron Buffalo Wing and Veggie Platter Pot Pie

Everyone seemed to have chicken wings at the Big Game parties. Billions of wings are consumed every year during the final game of the football season. Since you might not want to eat another “wing” on Monday, take that tasty chicken and make a comforting recipe that is a win for everyone.

This recipe uses both the chicken wings and that veggie tray (don’t let veggies go to waste). Chicken pot pie is always a comforting recipe on a cold, winter day. If you don’t have a pie crust in the house, biscuits or other refrigerated dough can work, too.

Thank you to Joel Gamoran, host of A&E’s Scraps TV and National Chef, Director of Culinary at Sur La Table, and Morton’s Salt for sharing these inspired recipes.

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