Super Bowl food: How many squats to burn off all those calories?


Super Bowl Sunday is often focused on Super Bowl food. Indulgence is the biggest play of the day, but at what calorie cost?

Super Bowl food can be the best part of the whole football watching experience. Many people throw resolutions, diets and caution to the wind during this celebration. Actually, the “Big Game” is a huge food day. Besides Thanksgiving, more people splurge on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day. But, that splurging comes with a price.

Granted, everyone needs an occasion cheat day. Sure, that bowl of chips and dips is quite tempting. But, no one should go too far overboard. There is no point undoing all that hard work with extreme over-indulgence.

With that idea in mind, here are a few facts to consider when thinking about those extras beers during the game. Thanks to Charles Platkin, PhD, MPH, editor of and Executive Director of Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center for the exercise equivalents.

Pizza, photo by Cristine Struble

“Three slices of Pizza Hut, Pepperoni Lover’s – Large Original Pan Slice = Running the length of 144 football fields”

One slice of this pizza is about 460 calories. Unfortunately, that number runs up your calorie totals quickly. For an easy swap, consider getting a thin crust pizza and load it with veggies. It is an easy swap and still quite tasty.

“Two pieces KFC extra crispy chicken = 957 touchdown dances in the end zone”

Sure that KFC has some delicious herbs and spices, but the fried chicken has a huge calorie count. A swap could be to make your own fried chicken. Use skinless chicken and whole grain bread crumbs. Also, try baked chicken to keep the calorie count lower.

“Four bottles of beer = doing “the wave” 2,828 times”

While you might want to throw several flags during the game, you will have to get up and down from the couch a lot in order to work off all those beers. Sure, beer and football go hand in hand, but the truth is those beverages are a lot of calories. To lessen the calorie count a little, opt for a light beer. Or, if you want that big, bold IPA, just drink one or two less.

“10 buffalo crispy chicken wings with blue cheese dressing = 150 minutes of climbing the stadium stairs”

Everyone knows that more chicken wings are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. While people might debate blue cheese or ranch, the calorie count with that dipping sauce is extreme. There are a few calorie hacks.

First, skip the creamy dressings for hot sauce. It is a big punch of flavor with less calories. Second, if you make your own wings, try a baked version. That option cuts down on calories. But, if you don’t want to swap, it is time to get moving.

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In the end, Super Bowl food is always worth the extra calories. Eat what you enjoy and skip the side of guilt. Just get moving tomorrow at the gym.