PLANTERS Mr. IPA-Nut is a craft beer gone nuts


Did you hear that PLANTERS has created its own beer, Mr. IPA-Nut? Is this a craft beer gone nuts or a beer that you will want to drink?

PLANTERS believes that beer and nuts are a classic combination. Whether you are watching a game or hanging out with friends that beverage and snack combination is a favorite pairing. But, what if beer and peanuts got combined into a beer. Would that be just as tasty?

The Mr. IPA-Nut is a craft beer that brings the classic taste of PLANTERS and blends it into a flavorful IPA. According to the brand, the craft beer has a “unique citrus aroma with a hint of honey-roasted peanuts followed by a slightly salty finish.”

First, honey and citrus flavors always work well together. That combination works in beverages, desserts or savory dishes. It makes sense to find a pairing with honey peanuts and citrus.

PLANTERS Mr. IPA-Nut is a craft beer gone nuts, photo provided by PLANTERS

Also, the combination of salty and sweet is a classic. That flavor pairing makes people want to go back for more and more. Just like the snack combination, the craft beer should be quite appealing.

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Finding creative food and beverage pairings isn’t too unusual. A walk down any liquor store beverage aisle will show various flavor combinations. While some pairings might be for a special occasion or promotion, people are drawn to these limited edition beverages to just try them. Who didn’t want to try the Girl Scout cookie beer just because?

Peanuts and beverage pairings aren’t necessarily new. Recently, the resurgence of the Coke and peanut combination has been in the news. That Southern staple has been around forever. It goes back to that salty/sweet flavor pairing.

For this special offering, PLANTERS partnered with Noon Whistle Brewery in Lombard, IL. The beer was released on October 27 and is exclusively available in Illinois. Maybe if this launch is successful, the craft beer could be more widely available. But, given the particular brewery chosen, this craft beer might stay a limited release.

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Would you try this new Mr. IPA-Nut beer? Or, would you eat some peanuts with the beer? Personally, I think that a nice cheese plate could really bring out the flavors in this beer. Then again, maybe I’ve gone nuts.