5 Fast food menu items that satisfy on your next cheat day


Fast food menu items are sometimes totally indulgent and sometimes healthier. For your next cheat day, these new fast food choices are worth every calorie.

What fast food menu items do you crave? From something sweet to a bacon bonanza, these new menu items will have you happy to spend that extra mile or two on the treadmill.

Whether you make a resolution, commit to better eating habits or just are determined to be more active, a cheat day can keep that commitment on track. Giving into temptation can help keep you from completely succumbing to over indulgent choices.

Recently, many fast food companies have announced their commitment to better ingredients and more menu items. From McDonald’s commitment to cleaner ingredients to Carl’s Jr’s inclusion of the Beyond Burger and even Taco Bell’s vegetarian menu, the fast food mentality of 20 years ago is gone. Consumers are savvy and are demanding better.

Still, there are days when that big, calorie laden menu item just calls. It makes your mouth water, your stomach grumble and you just can’t resist it. Giving into that temptation isn’t the end of the world. Enjoy every single bite, just don’t order two.

Here are FoodSided’s choices for fast food menu items that are perfect for cheat day.

McDonald’s new Triple Breakfast Stacks aren’t a secret anymore, photo provided by McDonald’s

McDonald’s McGriddles Triple Breakfast Stacks

Last year McDonald’s launched its Triple Breakfast Stacks. This secret menu item isn’t a secret anymore. While there are three versions of this extreme breakfast sandwich, the McGriddle version is a tasty splurge.

The McGriddle version offers that pinch of sweet maple flavor. With sausage and bacon, the sweetness is a nice contrast those ingredients. Each bite is worth all those calories.

Hardee’s Loaded bacon cheddar fries

While Carl’s Jr. might have introduced the Beyond Burger to its menu, Hardee’s is welcoming the New Year with bacon. These new loaded bacon cheddar fries take warm French fries with potato skin and add aged cheddar cheese sauce and Applewood smoked bacon bits.

The best part about these fries are the little bits of potato skin on the fries. Those bits can absorb extra cheese. Plus, can you ever go wrong with more bacon?

New KFC Spicy Famous Bowl, photo provided by KFC

KFC Famous Bowl

Whether you choose the original or the new spicy version, the KFC Famous Bowl is a heaping amount of chicken goodness. With mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, popcorn chicken and cheese, this bowl weighs in at a whopping one pound of food.

If you can handle the heat, opt for the spicy version. Some people think that spice can help boost metabolism. Whether true or not, you will probably want some extra water with the spicy bowl, which is always good for you.

McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Fries

McDonald’s fries have always been delicious. As part of McDonald’s new bacon menu, these cheesy bacon fries are perfection for cheat day. The sauce is what makes this cheat option tasty. Make sure that you have a fork handy so that you can eat every last bite.

Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze collection, photo provided by Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glaze

Some people would rather have a sweet option for cheat day. The Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glaze collection is the sugar fix that chocolate fans crave. With four different doughnuts to choose from, these tasty little confections will make you lick your fingers to savor every last crumb.

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Do you have a favorite fast food menu item that is perfect for cheat day? Share your recommendations below or snap a picture and tag #FoodSided and make us hungry.