Taco Bell’s vegetarian menu drives its new commitments


A Taco Bell vegetarian menu is just one example of its new commitments for the year ahead. Are these commitments in line with today’s consumer?

Later this year, a Taco Bell vegetarian menu will be tested in stories. As the only American Vegetarian Association-certified QSR, this Taco Bell menu roll out is just one of the many commitments that the company is planning for the New Year. Are all these changes in line with what consumers are demanding?

According to a company press release, Taco Bell announced seven commitments for 2019. In addition to the vegetarian and flexitarian options, Taco Bell is committed to higher quality ingredients, sustainable beef, improve recycling efforts, increase affordability, create more jobs and support youth through the Taco Bell Foundation. All these noble commitments seem to be in line with what today’s savvy consumer demands.

Specifically looking at the vegetarian menu item, this menu addition isn’t just for one community. Many people choose to eat some meals as vegetarians while eating meat at other meals. The flexitarian lifestyle is becoming more and more prevalent. Adding vegetable-focused menu items can only bring in more consumers over time.

Looking a couple of these items, the biggest theme is that Taco Bell is listening to consumers need and want for better ingredients. The theme of food transparency is trending within the food industry. Consumers want assurance that the food that they eat is good and good for them.

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While price drives consumption, price shouldn’t sacrifice quality. With so many available options, the consumer demands high quality at an affordable price. The brand that can deliver this perfect combo will attain a larger legion of fans.

Additionally, the recycling issue continues to be a major topic for all restaurants. While convenient, single use disposable items are bad for the planet. Finding a way to curb these products in an effective manner is paramount. While consumers want convenience, they are no longer willing to sacrifice the planet’s well-being.

Going into the New Year, it is good to see Taco Bell making a commitment for the better of everyone. From healthier choices to lessening its environmental impact, the changes are a step toward social responsibility.

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Would a Taco Bell vegetarian menu bring you into the restaurant? What do you think of these 2019 commitments?