McDonald’s new Triple Breakfast Stacks aren’t a secret anymore


McDonald’s new Triple Breakfast Stacks move from a fandom secret menu to part of the all-day breakfast menu. But, should you hurry and try one?

Triple Breakfast Stacks aren’t a secret anymore. The popular McDonald’s secret fandom menu item is becoming the first new breakfast menu item since 2013. In a recent company announcement, this gigantic breakfast menu item will be conquering morning hunger starting November 1.

This new McDonald’s breakfast menu item features two hot sausage patties, slices of American cheese, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon and an egg. Guests can choose to pile all this tasty goodness on a toasted McMuffin bun, flakey, butter biscuit or the touch of sweet McGriddle cakes.

According to Vice President of Menu Innovation Linda VanGosen. “Our customers have also told us they have been craving a bigger, more filling sandwich option in the mornings.” This new breakfast item is definitely bigger. While the calorie wasn’t revealed in the announcement, the hefty breakfast sandwich will surely put a dent in the recommended 2,000 calories a day.

New McDonald’s Triple Breakfast Stacks, photo provided by McDonald’s

Although this breakfast sandwich might not be for everyone, the menu addition is quite telling for the industry leader. By rolling out a fan favorite, secret menu item to everyone, McDonald’s is showing that it is listening to its fan base. The company is giving its loyal fan base a menu item that it craves.

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Being able to customize this menu item is smart. While some people love a sweet and savory McGriddle, other people prefer a crunchy, classic McMuffin bun. Additionally, the customization means that fans can try all three versions and avoid food boredom.

Although secret menu items appeal to certain people as being part of a “special” club, these fans are incredibly loyal. They live, dream and obsess about their favorite foods. Creating these secret menu items are their way of evolving food that they love into something even greater. The “in the know” food sets these fans apart from the casual restaurant eater.

Even though these special items are important, companies need to balance the super fan with the regular guest. Adding this new menu item appeals to both groups. And, this addition brings the possibility of cultivating other customers who are rediscovering McDonald’s and its willingness to evolve.

Recently, McDonald’s has been adding all types of new innovations. From the company’s commitment to food transparency, better ingredients and even customer experiences, McDonald’s understands that it cannot stay stagnant. A new menu item, on its extremely popular all day breakfast menu, is a smart choice.

Looking at McDonald’s and its various menu items, the company looks to balance classic, customer favorites with new innovations. While the Egg McMuffin has been around for 45 years, the brand looks to incorporate food trends and innovations. From the movement to use real butter and to convert to cage-free eggs, McDonald’s is finding its place in the ever changing food world.

Although the Triple Breakfast Stacks will be met with much fanfare, it is available just for a limited time. The new breakfast item will hit restaurants on November 1 and will be available through December. The exact ending date of this promotion isn’t clear. Could that uncertainty mean this breakfast item could be around for a while longer?

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Will you be heading to McDonald’s next week to try the new Triple Breakfast Stacks? This secret menu item doesn’t come with a special handshake, password or other code. It is now part of McDonald’s menu history.