Candace Cameron Bure launches a cookware line with CookCraft


Candace Cameron Bure partnered with CookCraft to create a cookware line that will appeal to creating a beautiful kitchen and home.

Candace Cameron Bure has etched her place in pop culture. From Full House to the Hallmark Channel, she has been a personality that many people have grown up watching. Now, fans can welcome a part of her brand into their home with CookCraft by Candace.

Officially launched during the International Home and Housewares Show (IHHS) in Chicago, this new cookware line by CookCraft has a simple objective, cooking and great food should be savored, celebrated and enjoyed. Through both innovative and fashionable design, this cookware line appeals to the lifestyle consumer.

Within the cookware industry, there are a myriad of options. From cast iron to stainless steel to ceramic, the choices can be overwhelming. For the consumer, several points drive a new purchase. Function and style usually drive those buying decisions.

Looking at the new CookCraft by Candance line, the functionality comes from the patented latch handle. No one wants to put a hot lid on a stove. Additionally, holding that lid while cooking can be cumbersome. With this cookware, the latch handle conveniently clips to the side but does not interfere with accessing the food in the pan. It is a simple, yet extremely functional trait.

From the style side, the glass lid allows the home cook to see the cooking food without removing the lid. For example, removing a lid during cooking allows heat to escape. By seeing the food through the glass lid, the home cook can avoid cooking mistakes without removing the lid. It is stylistically appealing while also being quite functional.

Additionally, the curvature of the handle makes this cookware easy to manipulate. With silicone grips, there is less worry about heat transfer. Lastly, the cookware’s weight is strong yet not overbearing. Overall, the feel of the pan is good for the home cook.

As cookware companies look to celebrity partnerships, this collaboration is interesting. Bure has a vast pop culture following. But, she has admitted that she is more of a sous chef than a gourmet cook. Looking at her Instagram stories, she concedes that her husband is more of the family cook than herself.

During the IHHS launch, I asked Bure which pan is most versatile and most used in her family. She mentioned that the 13” French Skillet has a good versatility. Additionally, he husband uses the 8” sauté pan quite often.

Both of these pans could be quite useful for the home cook. This sauté pan might be compact in size, but it is large enough to cook an entire meal. The wide cooking surface avoids crowding and helps with even cooking.

Also, the French skillet is perfect for one pan meals. With curved sides and a deep base, mixing appears easier and messes are lessened. The versatility of recipes for this type of pan is vast.

Still, her lifestyle represents a commonality that many families have. Cooking is more than just the preparation of the food. That meal, whether a weeknight dinner or weekend celebration, is spending time together. While one person might be head chef, everyone else is gathered together to help with getting food on the table.

In a way, this cookware line represents more of a lifestyle branding. Other companies, like Meyer’s Ayesha Curry line, have a similar concept. Home buyers are curating a lifestyle concept, not just buying a pan. They want to be connected to this story and the cookware facilitates that idea.

The Candace Cameron Bure line, CookCraft by Candace, is available for pre-order. The line officially goes on sale July 1, 2109.

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What do you look for when buying new cookware? Does function or style influence your decision?