Mayo condiment mash-up: Are you ready for Mayocue or Mayomust?


Are you prepared for another mayo condiment mash-up? HEINZ is launching two new sauces that might be your condiment obsession.

Did you fall in love with MAYCHUP? After the success of that HEINZ mayo condiment mash-up, the food company has create two more sauces to tempt your taste buds. Will another mayonnaise combination flavor become the next viral sensation?

According to HEINZ, the brand is launching Mayocue and Mayomust. These two new sauces blend mayonnaise with other classic condiments, mustard and barbecue sauce. Are you prepared for the flavor combinations?

Combining sauces to make a sauce mash-up isn’t necessarily a new concept. Think about the combination of flavors on your favorite hamburger. Many people put ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise on a hamburger. These particular offerings are combining those flavors into a single condiment.

Looking at these two new condiment mash-ups, the flavors have many potential uses. For example, the Mayomust sounds similar to the flavors that are in a deviled egg. It could be a rich, spicy, strong burst of flavor. While mustard is a classic condiment on a brat, this sauce could add a depth of flavor worth exploring.

While it is unclear what type of type of mustard is used, it is assumed that a regular yellow mustard is likely. Given that combination, this sauce could be a great starter for a summer salad, a marinade and many other options as well. Just think how it could taste on grilled chicken.

Mayocue, Mayonnaise and barbecue mash-up, photo provided by HEINZ

As summer grilling season approaches, the Mayocue could become the must have condiment for the barbecue. Although mayonnaise and barbecue sauce is a less common combination, it could add a great depth of flavor to summer favorites, like ribs. Additionally, this sauce could be delightful on fries.

For the home cook, these condiments offer a lot of possibilities. The sauces simplify flavors in one convenient package. More importantly, it shows cooks that combining flavors is both fun and tasty.

Given these combinations, it will be curious to see if HEINZ tries to expand on condiment combinations. While there are a variety ketchup combinations on the shelf (think Gochujang ketchup), it would be curious other sauce mash-ups. What different mustards, dressings or other sauces could be combined for a flavor explosion?

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Are you excited to try the new mayo condiment mash-ups from HEINZ? What dish would you use these sauces on?