5 St. Patrick’s Day foods that feel a little Irish


Looking for some delicious St. Patrick’s Day foods? With so many people feeling a little Irish, these five options will have you seeing green.

St. Patrick’s Day foods seem to be everywhere. From green colored beers to shamrock shaped food, the options for this annual holiday celebration are many. Even more traditional Irish foods seem to appear on menus. In total, there is no excuse to skip a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Given this plethora of celebratory foods, here are five St. Patrick’s Day foods that anyone can enjoy.


While not start the day with a St. Patrick’s Day doughnut. Tim Hortons has some shamrock shaped options for their St. Patrick Day doughnut. Krispy Kreme has green colored varieties. Many doughnut shops will have doughnuts covered in green sprinkles. Doughnuts are probably the easiest way to mark the annual celebration.

Tim Hortons St. Patrick’s Day doughnut, photo provided by Tim Hortons

Ice Cream

Have you noticed that ice cream, particularly mint ice cream, seems to be part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Hard Rock Café has a St. Paddy’s Day milkshake. This one is for the adults with Absolut vodka mixed into the ice cream.

Of course, lots of ice creams are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Dairy Queen has a green colored, mint inspired Blizzard. Even if you aren’t near one of these locations, grab a pint of your favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is the color of the holiday.

Irish Beer

While many bars might be serving green beer, raise a glass of real Irish beer. From Guinness to Harp, there are numerous Irish beers that are amazing. Whether you prefer a lighter larger, a rich red or a dark stout, there is an Irish beer for your preference. Slante!

Earth Day Cocktails, Lambay Selkie, photo provided by Lambay Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey

Whether you drink it straight or in a cocktail, an Irish Whiskey is a delightful libation. Actually, a Gaelic phrase about Irish whiskey translates to Water of Life. Some people consider it the most popular spirit in the world. It is generally smoother than other whiskeys because peat isn’t predominate.

There are numerous Irish Whiskey’s in the market. For a non-traditional option, consider Lambay Irish Whiskey. This smaller distiller has a nuanced flavor that you will intrigue you.

Corned Beef

On St. Patrick’s Day, corned beef seems to appear everywhere. From one pot meals to restaurants, this recipe varies. If you choose to make Corned Beef, do some recipe research. A good corned beef is really enjoyable. The brine can make for a flavorful beef. Find a good version and you could fall in love with this annual tradition.

These five St. Patrick’s Day foods are just a small, very small sampling of foods that you could enjoy over the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. From traditional Boxty to St. Patrick’s Day cocktails, there are plenty of days to mark the holiday.

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How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? And in the words of an old Irish proverb “What butter and whiskey won’t cure, there is no cure for.”