Munchie Madness: Best snacks for March Madness watching

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The best snacks for March Madness can be more divisive than your bracket upset pick. Check out these snack suggestions that will keep your hunger busted.

What are the best snacks for March Madness? FoodSided has the Munchie Madness. The quest to find the best snacks for all that college basketball watching can be difficult. From salty to sweet and over-indulgent to healthy, there needs to be a snack for every craving.

While some people might go to their favorite sports bar to watch all the action, hosting a March Madness party can be fun. But, catering to everyone’s food preferences can be more daunting than facing the number one seed in the first round.

If you are gathering friends to watch some of the basketball action, we have broken down the best snacks into some categories. The idea is relatively simple. Salty, spicy, sweet, savory and (surprise) healthy.

By having at least one snack option from those categories, everyone will be happy. One important concept to remember is to avoid over buying. Food waste, especially at parties, can be problematic. Throwing away excess food is wasteful on so many levels. It might be better to head back to the store or push a button your phone.

Here are FoodSided’s recommended best snacks for March Madness.