Munchie Madness: Best snacks for March Madness watching

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(Photo illustration by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Salty Snacks

When it comes to salty snacks, these handfuls of goodness can be addicting. That salty taste can have your hand going back time and again to the snack bowl. While that refreshing beer or other beverage tames the saltiness, salty snacks can be some of the most addicting.

A simple choice for a salty snack would be a bowl of nuts. From peanuts to even corn nuts, there many different options. Plus, this snack choice is relatively cost effective.
Another option would be Doritos Crunch Nuts. This snack choice has the Doritos flavor with a nut tucked inside. The combination is quite satisfying.

Truthfully, even a bowl of Lays Potato Chips fits this category. While salt and vinegar or even salt and pepper chips would be an awesome choice, almost any flavor would work.

If you can find the limited edition Turn Up the Flavor chips, that beer cheese chip is a must for basketball watching. Definitely grab a frosty cold one and start munching.